Hand-Operated Well Pumps... Solar-Powered Pumps
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‘Living without electricity is Simple—Living without water is Impossible.’
SimplePUMP owner Brett Parman, Minnesota.


We live off grid. Like off off grid. No electricity, no running water.

Almost 5 years ago we began an adventure. It started with building a house in the woods. We had a very limited budget. We were collecting rain water into buckets off any surface we could. We actually had a well bucket too. Climbing rope, some pulleys, a Prusik knot and a piece of 4″ PVC pipe with a check valve on the end and 140′ to static water.

We had a high appreciation for water.

We finally were able to afford the SimplePUMP hand pump. Hooray! Freedom! I could pump 3 gallons in a third of the time it took to haul that bucket out of the well and with much less work. Then we got got chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, cows and a large garden. All of which require a lot of water. 1000 strokes a day worth. Which is fine, dandy even, until you get sick and there’s a drought and no rain water.

Then we decided to upgrade to the solar pump, and what a relief!! Our garden won’t dry up in the next drought and we have an extra hour a day, at least. And if we get sick, well, we still choose to carry the water into the house and to the animals, but we are so glad we looked ahead at the upgrade possibility for the future.

Most important thing on our farm is water. Water, water, water. Living without electricity is a easy. Living without water is impossible. Thank you SimplePUMP!!!



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