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Why We Replaced our Bison Pump with a Simple Pump

Why We Replaced our Bison Pump with a Simple Pump
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Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023


We recently replaced our locally made Bison Pump with your product.

We are living off-grid in Maine and building a net-zero energy home which also features many water conservation systems (i.e., gray water waste disposal, Sun-Mar composting toilet, urine-diverting toilets, foot pedal faucet controls, etc.). Maine has a very restrictive gray water building code — to comply you must hand pump or hand carry your water into your residence, and have three or fewer drains going to your gray water system. We have chosen to hand pump our water into a cellar storage tank before pressurizing it for household use. Our current tank holds 40 gallons, which we are increasing to 85 gallons.

We originally purchased a Bison Pump but found it incredibly difficult to pump more than a few gallons at a time. My wife, in particular, found the Bison pump very hard to use.

We have a 495 foot deep well with a 32-foot static level, and a recovery rate of 13 GPM. Our Bison pump was located at approximately 100 feet deep. After one season we pulled the pump.

After much on-line research, we located the Simple Pump. Simple Pump was extremely helpful walking us through how to order the appropriate model and different options to install it. Installation was very easy, but the true surprise was the ease of the pump stroke. We installed the Simple Pump at the same depth as the Bison. My wife found the Simple Pump extremely easy to operate and liked it so much she insisted that filling our water tank was “her job” all summer! It requires very little effort and time to top-off our tank.

We had a hard time selling our used Bison Pump because we warned each potential customer that it was difficult to use and that they should try our Simple Pump first! We finally just loaned it out on a semi-permanent basis.

My wife and I both believe strongly in buying local and supporting local businesses. However, in this instance, we do not hesitate to endorse the Simple Pump over the locally made Bison pump.

Thanks for a great product that exceeded our expectations.

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