Shallow Well Suction Pump


Shallow well hand pump that can pump into your pressure tank!

Worldwide Delivery!

Shallow Well Suction Pumps are versatile pump systems that can be installed on the well head or on a wall near your pressurized well tank. These pumps are designed for wells with a static water level of up to 25 feet, providing efficient water pumping for various installations.


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    • Made in USA
    • Ready 24/7
    • No Electricity Needed
    • Submersible Pump or Jet Pump Backup
    • Can Pump Into Pressure
    • Quality Manufacturing
    • Versatile Installation - Wall mountable, well mountable, or water tank mountable
    • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Compliant
    • Configurable Motor and Handle Options
    • Shallow Well Compatible, up to 25 feet
    • Not freeze proof
    • Standard Hose and Pipe Connections
    • Little Routine Maintenance
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Have a backup pump just in case!

    The Simple Pump suction pump doesn't need electricity to work.

    It is designed to fit near your pressure tank, so you have water if your electric pump stops working.

    The Simple Pump suction pump is one of the only hand-operated suction pumps that can pump into your pressure tank! This gives you full use of your well water inside and outside your home.

    The Simple Pump is made by computer-controlled machining from aerospace-grade, lead-free stainless steel. We start with solid billets of metal that are computer machined for maximum precision creating an end product that is much stronger than castings.

    This ensures the parts fit together precisely to reduce any wear from usage. The Simple Pump ensures public health protection through compliance with U.S. federal drinking water standards. The Simple Pump is uniquely configurable from multiple handle sizes to the ability to convert the hand pump to a motor-operated pump with a quick and easy conversion with a Simple Pump motor.

    The Simple Pump's strength and weight have a direct impact on pumping pressure. The lighter, stronger Simple Pump requires less pumping effort compared to other well pumps.

    • Install the suction pump on a wall mount next to your pressure tank, on a shallow well head, or on a water tank.
    • Standard 3/4" hose or 3/4" FNPT pipe connections are provided.
    • The hand pump has few parts that require maintenance.
    • The hand pump is warranted against defective materials and workmanship.

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