The Well Pump Made To Provide Water When You Need It

Don’t worry about power outages, storms, or submersible pump malfunctions with the Simple Pump. Our Made in the USA well pumps work through these problems and more.

Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump Looking Down at an angle
Simple Pump's Deep Well Hand Pump

We understand how it feels to not have immediate access to water.

That’s why we developed the Simple Pump modular water pump system for wells and water tanks.

Use the Simple Pump hand pump as a backup well pump to your submersible, or change the hand pump to a motor-operated pump system for an automated water well pump system that can be converted back to a well hand pump in minutes.

High Quality Components

Be Confident in Your Well Pump!

Simple Pump's custom CNC manufactured pump head and parts are designed and assembled in the USA. We stand behind the quality of our well pumps with an industry best warranty.

Why Simple Pump is the best hand well pump system?

The Simple Pump well pump system is the only modular pump system on the market. We developed the best backup hand well pump to install next to a submersible pump in wells 4 inches or larger. And the pumping lever is modular and can be converted from a hand lever to a motorized lever in minutes.

Why can the Simple Pump be installed deeper?

Simple Pump controls the manufacturing of its well pump parts so the parts are stronger and lighter than competing deep well hand pumps. This enables our deep well pumps to be installed and pump static water levels up to 325 feet.

Why should I buy a Simple Pump?

Simple Pump has been delivering hand well pumps for over 20 years. We have customers still using the original pump they purchased decades ago. And it still pumps water every time. Our pumps are easy to install for DIY hand well pump installers, but we also have the largest dealer network supporting our installations and pumps that you can call on if you need assistance.

View our Deep Well Hand Pump
Closeup of the Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump's Pump Head Facing Left
The Best Well Pump Features

Simple Pump's Advantages

Our pump system was designed with your needs in mind. We developed the perfect backup well pump for ourselves to make sure we could pump our water whenever we wanted to.

Our original hand well pump fit's perfectly next to your submersible pump. And, it works when the submersible pump works and especially when it doesn't.

We believe in our deep well hand pump so much we back it with the best warranty in the industry.

Made in the USA

Simple Pump Well Pumps are manufactured and assembled in Minden, Nevada.

Deep Wells

Our Deep Well Hand Pump is capable of pumping up to 325 feet of water!

Perfect Backup

Make sure you can pump water when your electric pump stops working.

Great Warranty

We standby our quality with a Lifetime Warranty on our hand pumps.

Customer testimonials

Excellent products and excellent customer service equals happy customers.

"As a homeowner I have installed two of these simple pumps one at 110 ft and another at 150 ft. Very good experience. Everything went well pumps water nicely"
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Benjamin Girod

"I purchased a Simple Pump to go along side my submersible pump that’s at 120 feet deep. I installed it myself and when I had questions they were answered quickly and professionally. The equipment is top rate quality. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase and hope I never have to use it but I will have it if I do need it."
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Carl Newburg

Simple Pump is the official, recommended well pump for Fortitude Ranch, the nation's largest recreational and survival community.
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Dr. Drew Miller, Col USAF (Ret)