About Simple Pump

Simple Pump Co., LLC is a family-owned and operated business located in Minden, NV. Our hand well pumps are Made in the USA.

Simple Pump Co., LLC began in 1999 when we started looking around for a quality hand well pump. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one that we could trust.

So, we started manufacturing our own well pumps. And some of our customers have been using our pumps for over 20 years.

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Reliable well pumps create happy customers.

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Hundreds of 5-star reviews of Simple Pump's best selling well pumps

"As a homeowner I have installed two of these simple pumps one at 110 ft and another at 150 ft. Very good experience. Everything went well pumps water nicely"
"Absolutely amazing company and product! Everyone I interacted with, from emails for estimates/quotes to speaking with the owners themselves via phone, was exceptionally nice! They were kind, patient, and very understanding of our situation and offered an accommodating solution. Product was shipped in a very timely manner, arrived protectively packaged, and with easy to follow directions. The finished product is exactly what we wanted and functions beyond our expectations! Price is very reasonable considering what you're getting! I highly recommend this company and their products!"
"I Bought our first Simple Pump in 2009.  The wife finally convinced me (7 years later in 2016) it would be a good idea to install it and make sure it worked.  I had a small issue at that time, can’t even remember what it was, and Steve took care of us right away.  Fast forward to spring of 2022.  I was testing the unit and the top clevis broke off the pump rod.   With the pump now 13 years old I was pretty certain I would need to buy the parts to get the pump working again.  I called tech support Monday evening and got voice mail. 20 minutes later received a call back from Steve.  We discussed the issue and within minutes he knew what was needed and I received a zero dollar invoice with the tracking number for the parts I need to fix the unit.  I can’t say enough good things about this company and their pumps.  With water being as important as it is, I really appreciated the fast turnaround time.  By the way, the tech Steve that helped me is the owner."
"We were looking for a deep well hand pump and we did our research, so we decided on the Simple Pump deep well hand pump. The pump parts arrived in two boxes. We installed the pump ourselves and it was very easy to do. Sedalia who works for Simple Pump Co., made sure we had all the measurements correct before we ordered the pump. We are very happy to have the Simple Pump as a backup source of water. I recommend anyone looking to purchase a hand pump to procure the Simple Pump you will not be disappointed. Again Thanks to the Simple Pump Co."
"Great service and communication. Returns all calls and emails promptly,  and follows up on orders. Wish companies would do this...as this IS customer service!"
"There was a mixup on the cap for my well and Mr Schmid was amazing with how he handled the problem these are wonderful people to work with and my pump works perfectly, super easy to install I recommend them to everyone."

News from Simple Pump

Simple Pump Manufacturing License
December 15, 2022

Simple Pump Manufacturing License

Simple Pump utilizes a dealer network so our well pump quality remains high quality without worrying and managing a network of manufacturers.
Reliable Water Pumps Help Out Villages
December 15, 2022

Reliable Water Pumps Help Out Villages

The Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump helps a village in Africa with their water supply. See how easy it was to install and get the Simple Pump working as a community water supply.