Comparing Deep Well Hand Pumps

Deep well water pumps can be confusing. We have the questions you need to get the best water pump for your well.

The Simple Pump Hand Well Pump installed near the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Pumping Depth

How Deep Is My Well?

The first consideration when comparing hand pumps for your well is the depth of your well and the static water level.

Shallow Wells

Shallow well pumps are meant for pumping water from sources less than 25 feet of static water level.

Deep Wells

Deep well pumps have been designed to lift water from several hundred feet below ground.

Only a select few deep well hand pumps (such Bison Pumps and Simple Pump) can pump water from depths greater than 150 feet. Both of these pump manufacturers' high-quality stainless steel and aluminum components provide them with the strength and ability to lift that much water. The Simple Pump's maximum static water level is 325 feet, compared to 300 feet for Bison Pumps.

Simple Pump Deep Well Pump Closeup of the Pump Head pointing Left with Grass in the background
Dual Pumps

Can the hand well pump work with my existing electric pump?

When shopping for a hand well pump, you should consider whether the hand pump can run alongside your existing submersible pump, jet pump, or another electrical pump.

Works Without Mods

Some hand-powered well pumps can use the existing infrastructure of your powered well pump and are installed quickly without additional help.

Works With Mods

Others may require additional help, drilling, or components to complete the installation.

Higher quality well pumps offer a replacement well cap that is specifically sized to your well's dimensions. This replacement well cap has features that let you install the hand pump components next to your submersible pump components so that both pumps can be operated next to each other.

Custom installed Simple Pump hand well pump next to a submersible pump
Pumping Difficulty

How Hard Is It To Pump?

Pumping effort is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing a hand pump for your well. It usually takes a lot of work to pull water out of your pump if it requires more than 20 lbs. of force.

150 Feet of Water

The majority of people would classify "moderate effort" as weighing between 12 and 18 pounds.

Around the 150-foot water mark, Bison Pumps depart the "moderate" range.

325 Feet of Water

At the limit of the 325-foot water level, the Simple Pump is still inside the "moderate" pumping difficulty range.

Make sure your pumping is easy when you need to get your water.

Cute toddler holding onto a Simple Pump hand well pump
More Well Pump features

Additional Pump Factors

Once you understand the specifics of your well, you should be able to easily and quickly compare the deep well hand pumps that are capable of pumping at the depth you need for your well. Here are some additional points to consider when purchasing a hand well pump.

Customers installing a Simple Pump by themselves

Pump Installation

How easy is it to install a hand well pump alongside my submersible pump?

The Simple Pump was designed to be a do-it-yourself installation with tools that make lifting the pump easier in deep wells. We do have an extensive dealer network that can assist with the installation if you want help.

Simple Pump hand well pump customer pumping water in the snow

Freezing Well Pumps

The Simple Pump utilizes a weep hole positioned below the frost line of the installation location to prevent the hand pump from freezing. Installation can also be completed with a pitless adaptor that also provides freeze protection.

Water faucet dripping water into a glass

Water Safe Components

All Simple Pump water pumps are Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA) compliant and meet the stringent requirements to ensure safe use.

The Simple Pump is manufactured in Minden, NV with pump parts being CNC manufactured to create a precise fit and finish.

Customer testimonials

Happy customers are the result of outstanding products and excellent customer service.

"I am so very happy with Simple Pump. My wife and I wanted to make sure we'd have water even when the power goes out. It started with a call to Sedelia. She was very helpful and gave us honest information so we could make a good decision. The pump and products are highly manufactured to last. The parts made are of the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel. I highly recommend Simple Pump to anyone wanting to make sure they have water in time of no power or prolonged power outage. It is easy to install with the helpful videos they provide."

Mark Huft

"Perfect communication and everything they said would happen did at the time they committed."

Fred Musone

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about hand well pumps.

What is well depth?

The complete depth from ground level to the solid bottom of your well shaft is referred to as the well depth.

What is static water level?

The distance in vertical feet between the ground and the level of water in your well while the water isn't being pumped is known as the static water level.

What is a well's recovery rate?

The recovery rate of a well is how slowly the water levels rise after pumping.

What is pumping depth?

Pumping depth is the vertical distance, in feet, between the pump system's pump cylinder and the ground level.

What is the submersible pump set position?

The Submersible Pump Set Position is the distance between the submersible pump position in the well and the ground.