Simple Pump hand well pump bracket installation
Easy Installation

DIY Hand Well Pump Installation

The Simple Pump hand well pump is designed to be installed by a handy homeowner. We do have an extensive dealer network if you want some help on the installation.

Customer installation on a large opening well
"I highly recommend Simple Pump to anyone wanting to make sure they have water in time of no power or prolonged power outage. It is easy to install with the helpful videos they provide."

Mark H.

Customer installation photo with trees behind the Simple Pump
"As a homeowner I have installed two of these simple pumps one at 110 ft and another at 150 ft. Very good experience.
Everything went well pumps water nicely"
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Frequently asked questions

View some common installation questions.

Can I install the Simple Pump by myself?

The pump is technically easy to install. The Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump is frequently installed by our clients themselves.

The tools and expertise of a professional installation are increasingly required as your well's depth and the length of the installed Simple Pump equipment increase. This is because handling weight rises by around 5 lbs for each 9' piece. You can determine whether to hire a professional based on your strength, capacity, and availability of helpers.

In cases where the drop pipe length exceeds fifteen 9' pieces (135') - 75lbs, we advise professional installation.

Do I need a safety line when I'm installing the Simple Pump?

No, a safety line is not required when installing the Simple Pump.

The safety line is not necessary with our well pump thanks to its engineering.

The SIM073 safety tool is how we provide a secure way to hold onto 9-foot drop pipe kits that have already been put together and dropped into your well.

Can I install the Simple Pump next to my existing submersible?

Yes, a working submersible pump can be mounted next to the Simple Pump deep well hand pump.

In this setup, it is preferable to have the Simple Pump as a backup pump in case your submersible pump breaks down or loses power due to weather or another factor.

In the well, drop pipes for the Simple Pump and the submersible pipe are put side by side. With the Simple Pump, you may keep using the submersible pump in your current setup. In the event that you lose electricity or your submersible pump breaks down, the Simple Pump enables you to access your well water.

What size of a well can the Simple Pump fit?

The Simple Pump Deep well pump system's main part measures roughly 1.75′′ OD.

The Simple Pump can be put in a well casing with an internal diameter of 2 inches as a standalone application.

In the vast majority of wells 4 inches or bigger, the Simple Pump can be installed alongside an existing submersible pump.

Can I use my current well cap?

Unfortunately, using your current well cap with the Simple Pump well pump system is not an option.

The Simple Pump deep well pump system must be installed in your well using well caps made for the system.

Existing well caps frequently include apertures on their top surfaces that obstruct the location of a port for the Simple Pump during machining. It is doubtful that you will have a level area to mount a Simple Pump if your well top doesn't have a pit. Frequently, Simple Pump installations cannot be supported by existing pitless well caps. For both pitless and non-pitless wells, Simple Pump offers well caps. For wide dug or bored wells with coverings, we also have our own well adaptors.

How deep do I need to install the Simple Pump?

The standard position (set) for the Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump is 35 to 40 feet below your static water level. This will give you a substantial safety margin while striking a reasonable balance between security and cost.

Just watching the installation videos for fun?

Go ahead and purchase a Simple Pump and see how easy it is to install.

The Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump installed on a 6 inch well