Dealer Opportunity

Expand your product and service offerings with Simple Pump well hand pumps, motors, and solar well pump systems.

Simple Pump dealer order on a forklift

Purchase Direct

Purchase Simple Pump products at a discount for resale.  

We never undercut our Dealers.

You are provided the same quote as the customer, just with your dealer discount applied.

Purchase in bulk or order for each individual customer order.

The Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump installed looking over a grassy area with water in the distance.
Simple Pump Deep Well Pump Closeup of the Pump Head Pointing Left at Sunset

No Minimum Purchase

No minimum order quantity or sales quota is required.

You don’t have to keep stock or meet goals

You get a larger discount the more you sell over a 12 month period.

You get a larger discount if you order in bulk with a minimum spend.

Quote Online, Ship Direct

We make ordering easy. Submit us a quote and we will configure the system and provide you a custom system quote. This makes sure that the water pump is configured to the specific well.

Easy online quote form with no purchase obligation

We dropship the order to you or your client depending on whatever is more convenient for you.

You choose where you want to receive the shipment.

Simple Pump Deep Well Pump Closeup of the Pump Head pointing Left with Grass in the background
Types of Dealers

The Perfect Fit for Well Companies and Prepper Companies

Simple Pump Customer Installation inside a pump house

Customers Wanting a Backup

Our Deep Well Hand Pump is our best selling well pump. Every submersible pump owner is a potential customer for our hand pump to use as a backup when the power to their submersible pump stops working.

Simple Pump Customer Installation complete solar power pump setup

Customers Wanting Off-Grid

We have a complete solar power well pump kit for customers that want the ease of a motorized well pump without the monthly cost to run electricity to the pump.

Simple Pump Demo Hand Pump

Demo Hand Pump

Show your potential customers the quality of the Simple Pump with our demonstration hand pump. These are the same well pump parts configured in a package that can be shown to customers before purchase.

Dealer testimonials

We succeed when our dealers succeed.

"Thank you for the prompt turn around, tracking info and invoicing. Once again, Simple Pump (the company and the pump) performs beautifully."

Michael Taillon

Blue Ridge Pumps

"Worked with them for years, helped lots of my customers they always come through."

Mark Johnson

Bob Pitts Well Drilling

"The product is well thought out and executed. The customer service was excellent. If the product meets your needs Simple Pump is highly recommended by me."

David Fulmer

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Our Dealers Get Access to All of Our Marketing Content Too!

We support our Dealers with collateral, sales support, and technical support to make sure we all succeed!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions ordered by popularity. Remember that if the visitor has not committed to the call to action, they may still have questions (doubts) that can be answered.

Do I have to be a well pump expert?
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General knowledge of wells and well pumps is expected but not required in every dealer situation. Most of our dealers are well drillers or well pump installers that have experience with installing well pumps and well technical details.

Can I purchase direct without a quote?
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Dealers that are familiar with our pumps and the specific parts needed to install a pump can utilize our purchase order form to order specific parts that they need to support their customers. The majority of our dealers use our dealer quote request form to enter their customer well specifications so that we can provide a quote specific to their well requirements.

Do you have dealers outside of the United States?
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Simple Pump ships well pumps around the globe. We have dealers in at least 10 countries with the majority located in the United States. However, we do have dealers in Canada, Central America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Send us your information and we'll let you know if you qualify as a dealer.

Can I be a dealer as an individual?
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We require that our dealers provide information to show that they are a legitimate business and meet their local business requirements. This can be a single person business that can show they are a legal business entity. For our customers, we do have a program similar to a referral program that they can participate in to earn revenue.

What type of support does Simple Pump provide to its dealers?
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Simple Pump provides technical support for our products as well as marketing and sales support. Our marketing team provides access to all of our marketing collateral including Simple Pump brand collateral, common questions and answers, access to brochures, banners, product photos, and more! You also have direct access to our Sales team, Support team, and Marketing team. And your company gets listed in our Dealer Location Tool so our thousands of potential customers can find your information.