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Simple Pump's Advantages in Developing Nations

Simple Pump's Advantages in Developing Nations
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Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023


A Simple Pump can give rural communities a low-cost, self-sustaining water supply.


  • Drilling costs can be cut by about two-thirds.

Compared to drilling with the 6-inch bit required to install the usual 4″ casing. Therefore, three times as many wells can be dug, for a given amount of money. More wells equal more distributed (convenient) domestic and irrigation use, and greater water security.

  • Can be mounted on top of a wider hand-dug well.
  • Can be mounted directly on the pedestal of a broken-down India Mark II/III or Afridev.
  • Easy to carry to site and easy to installed compared to the MUCH heavier India and Afridev pumps.
  • The pumping effort is dramatically less.
  • And our unique heavy-duty handle with replaceable roller bearings provides durability, even for village use.

Our customers who have installed the Simple Pump in remote locations, such as in Africa, have been happy with its ease of installation.

Simple Pump motor operated deep well pump in Africa

Spanning parts of Namibia and South Africa, the Succulent Karoo is a desert. And yet, it is home to over 5,000 species of plants, nearly half of which are found only there!

Regular winter rains provide enough moisture to support the region’s diverse plant community. The critical factor is that, unlike any in other desert areas, rainfall, while low, is regular and reliable.

That’s THE key.

A study by a Stanford University multidisciplinary team showed that mechanized water delivery transformed villages with malnourished children into net exporters of food.

The only differences between villages with improvements and control villages with no improvements were RELIABLE water delivery, and drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation does not require great quantities of water, but the supply must be RELIABLE. In practice, most deep well hand pumps in Africa are made to a single old standard and are uniformly unreliable.

A 2007 survey across 21 nations showed the likelihood a pump was broken was 36%!

Simple Pump’s reliability can have life-changing consequences for rural communities.

Initial up-front cost is only part of the picture when making the best decision on a pump’s viability.

See also this section on the critical importance of considering ALL costs and risks, when deciding which pump to buy.

A rural community can gain a boost in health conditions and an economic lift.

These factors make Simple Pump an ideal solution for communities in developing nations.

Contact us about discounts for Section 501(c)(3) organizations!

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