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Complete Solar Powered Motor Systems

or Standalone Motors Ready for Your DC Power Source

Solar panel on pole stand and motor of the Simple Pump solar motor system.

12v and 24v DC motors

You can buy one of our COMPLETE SOLAR MOTOR SYSTEMS.
Or you can power one of the STANDALONE MOTORS with your solar panels, vehicle battery, generator-fed battery, solar generator, or AC-DC converter.

All Simple Pump motors are added to the base hand pump

The handle is taken off (or left off), and the motor unit bolts onto the same part of the pump head. Addition of the motor can be done on initial installation, or at any time in the future.

Unique Hand-Motor-Hand Interchangability

In an emergency (such as a storm wrecking your solar panels), the Simple Pump has the unique option of switching to hand operation… in just about 15 minutes.


#1: Solar Powered System, Battery Backup

Best for household application, when the water supply must be dependable and having the power back-up of a battery will potentially be useful.
$3200 or $2000 if you supply the panels and stand.
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#2: Standalone Motor Unit for Outdoors

For this unit, you would supply the panels, stand and electronics… or other DC power source.
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#3: Standalone Motor Unit for Indoors

For installation in a pump house or under other good shelter from rain and snow. You supply panels, stand and control electronics, or other DC power source.
$850 to 925, depending on model.
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In Summary

Thinking about these alternatives… If you were going to power the standalone motor with solar, you would need a controller, timer, fuses, connectors, wiring and solar panels, anyway. Where are you going to buy those? How do you know they are the correct capacity and capabilities? How do you know if the particular brand is of good quality? And your supplier for all those components would need to analyze your needs and configure your system.

For most people, it is likely most effective to buy everything in the one complete package, from us.