Linear Bearing Link Drive Motor LBLD12WR


The Simple Pump Linear Bearing Link Drive Motor LBLD12WR is the perfect 12v DC motor option for your Simple Pump water pump. Let our motor pump your water for you!

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Simple Pump's 1/4 HP 12VDC waterproof motor. The modular design attaches to the pump head and replaces the hand pump handle on the Deep Well Pump.


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Simple Pump Motor Advantages

  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Compliant which ensures public health protection through compliance with U.S. federal drinking water standards.
  • Works with a DC power source or our solar power systems in a 12v DC motor configuration.
  • Can be powered with solar panels, a vehicle battery, a generator-fed battery, a solar generator, or an AC-DC converter.
  • Capable of pumping water to a max lift* of 225 feet. * (water level + vertical rise + 100' equivalent for pressure)
  • Can pump into your pressure tank giving you full use of all your home’s plumbing fixtures
  • Freezeproof and operates reliably 24/7 in high wind and hard freeze temperatures
  • Can be easily converted from a hand pump to a motor-operated pump or vice versa without the need to convert the entire pump system
  • Can be installed in a wide well or cistern with the use of our mounting plate adaptor
  • Standard connection to a 3/4″ hose or 3/4″ FNPT pipe
  • Works with a DC power source or our solar power systems
  • 12v DC motor option
  • Can be configured in a weather-resistant, stainless steel enclosure that provides protection from the weather and the outdoors
  • Can be configured as a standalone indoor unit where you provide protection from the weather and the outdoors. This can be a pump house or a similar enclosure that provides protection to the motor unit.

Power Requirements

The power requirements for the Linear Bearing Link Drive motor at 100-foot static water level, pumping into an ambient tank are:


  • 16 amps peak
  • 25 amp fuse
  • 10-11 amps average draw

Need it for Outdoor Use?

The Simple Pump Linear Bearing Link Drive (LBLD) motor is the perfect choice when do not have a shelter for the motor, and you want to provide the power configuration for the motor. You can choose the LBLD24-1WR weather-resistant option outfitted with a stainless steel enclosure if you need a 24v DC option.


  • A gasketed and lockable stainless enclosure with a 12VDC gear motor and a weather-resistant rocker switch
  • Cole-Hersey relay
  • Terminal block
  • 36CFM ventilation fan
  • (1) fuse holder with 25 amp ATO/ATC pronged, auto-style fuse

The breadboard has the holes drilled for the PS30M Morningstar charge controller, the Intermatic timer.

The motor price is additional to the base hand pump.


  • All components to provide and control the power to the motor.

For example, a solar panel system would include:

  • One or two polysilicon or microcrystalline PV modules (S-Energy) @ 310 watts each
  • 3″x 9′ or 4″x12′ galvanized steel mounting pole or roof-mount hardware
  • Sacrete, if using a pole mount
  • (2) group 27 or (2) group 31 deep cycle lead acid or AGM batteries
  • Any power and power-control hardware, e.g. Morningstar PS30 charge controller, Intermatic FM1QTUZH-24 timer.

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