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Client Story: ‘Check Off One More Item On My Self Reliance To-Do List.’

As someone who considers “being self reliant” an increasingly important thing to able to say about oneself, of course the issue of water comes up.

Living in a deserty, arid part of central Washington State you certainly can not depend on rain fall. After doing some internet research & at the recommendation of a friend that already owns one, I decided to go with the Simple Pump.

The staff at Simple Pump was knowledgeable and professional and helped me to decide exactly what I needed once I had measured my static water level. The product shipped within a few days & was accompanied by email updates tracking the products shipping progress — which I found very helpful.

A couple of weekends after the product arrived, I asked a friend came over to help tackle the installation. One person could have done the installation, but once we got in a groove and I’m sure it went quicker with two. there were no missing parts in the package and the assembly instructions were clear and concise. All the threads on the parts were good and nothing arrived damaged. From the time we laid the parts out to the time we were pumping water was about two hours — much quicker than anticipated!

The one concern I had was getting the Simple Pump by my pitless adapter. But no problems there — the Simple Pump slid right by, did not even touch it. Once I had completed the assembly and did a quick double check on all the fasteners, the time of reckoning had come. Thirty easy strokes later I was pumping fresh, clean water out of the ground. It was outstanding.

Check off one more item on my self reliance “to do” list. Thanks guys, for the customer service and excellent product — at this point I would certainly recommend Simple Pump to anyone interested in drawing water out of the ground without electricity. It works.

Moses Lake, WA.

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