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Initial Cost or Total Cost of Ownership: Page 5

In Summary

  • In shipping quantities (80 pumps/container to an NGO or commercial reseller), our price is not dramatically higher than the cheap India Mark II and similar pumps.
  • The cost of drilling a well our pump is dramatically lower.
  • Our pump is much more reliable. Maintenance costs are much lower.
  • The consequences of having pumps idle for long periods of time are an important factor.
  • The consequences of pump iron leaching into the water are an important factor.
Water in Developing Nations – and The Real Costs of Well Pumps Each Page in this section is Standalone. But They Do Form an integrated Logic.

The Problem
Changing Basic Concepts
SP v Competitors: Intro
True Dollar Costs
Reliability as Purchase Factor
Added Risk
In Summary
Reliable Water or Local Manufacturing – Which?
Install on Existing Pump Pedestal

The Bottom Line

To fully appreciate the Simple Pump, long-standing assumptions must be reexamined.

Because water is so critical to any community, for both sanitation and agriculture, total cost of ownership, including drilling costs, maintenance costs, safety of materials used and the risk of prolonged downtime, should be considered.

A dramatically more reliable pump can improve many aspects of daily life and allow communities to consider projects that are unthinkable now without a reliable source of water.

Footnotes to “Initial Cost or Total Cost of Ownership?”

1 According to a project approved by seven water NGO peers at Peerwater.org, including one from CARE. On the upper right of that page is the “Application Summary” that shows “Status: Approved Accepted”. Notice the project description on this page.

Specifically, about halfway down, it says “One Repairs kit for the Chiefdom, maintenance kits for thirty villages and India Mark II pumps.” This and other text makes it clear that the project is solely for maintenance for 30 pumps in 30 villages. Toward the bottom of the page, where it says “Budget Details” is a link to a budget file (click on the Microsoft Excel icon). At the page, click “Download” to view the project details in an Excel file.

[Unfortunately, they have the encoding of the file mixed up. If you download it, you will have a file called Budget.xls.dot. In other words, it has Excel AND Word Template file extensions. Just remove the .dot, double click, and it will open in Excel.]In the Budget, on line 113, in the far right column, is the U.S. dollar-denominated cost of solely the equipment (spares) – not including the how-to-maintain and fix training – for thirty wells: $17,663.79.

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