200CA Pump Cylinder


Simple Pump's largest Pump Cylinder Assembly with an output of up to 20 ounces per full stroke!

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The 200CA Pump Cylinder is Simple Pump's biggest pump cylinder. The 200CA delivers maximum water production with a total lift of 110 feet.


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The 200 Cylinder Assembly (200CA) is Simple Pump's largest pump cylinder assembly with an output of up to 20 ounces per full stroke. The cylinder produces 3 to 4 full Strokes from a 48” weep hole.

The 200CA is a little longer in length than the 100CA and 125CA at 21 inches. The outer dimension of the cylinder is 2.5 inches with an inner dimension of 2.26 inches.

The 200CA is manufactured out of 304SS.

The max lift (total head)* is 110 feet.

*Total head = water level + vertical rise + 100’ equivalent for pressure (optional)

NOTE: The 200CA will not fit in a 5" ID or smaller well casing alongside a submersible pump.  It must be a 5.5" ID casing or larger if there is a submersible pump in the well.  If there is no pump in the well, it can fit in as small as a 3" casing.

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