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What does a Simple Pump Cost?

The Hand Operated Simple Pump:
Example Pricing plus Table of Ballpark Prices

Some context for thinking about Pricing

The Simple Pump gives you full use of all your home’s taps and plumbing fixtures… with only moderate effort and even from deep wells.

In considering price, please consider the context.  There are cheap pumps that may be made of plastic or cheap (not durable) metal, and 
– CAN’T pump into your pressure tank
– CAN’T pump from very far down
– and are probably NOT freeze-proof

Among what we might call “serious” pumps, Simple Pump is actually the LEAST COST of the bunch, even though it can do much more! One group of five friends (who happened to be various kinds of trades professionals, well used to judging tools and machinery) THOROUGHLY researched everything available. They all bought the Simple Pump and gave a list of reasons that basically amounted to “much more capability for much less cost”.

We are confident that if you do a detailed comparison, you’ll find that no other pump comes close to the combination of QUALITY + CAPABILITY + ECONOMY that the Simple Pump offers you.

Simple Pump with check valve/pressure gauge.

Simple Pump with check valve/pressure gauge… for pumping into a pressure tank.

Example configuration and pricing, for a well with static water level at 50 feet.

For a pump quote specific to your well, please send your information through the quote query form on this page: https://www.simplepump.com/request-a-quote/

If you don’t have the information, you could possibly get it from your well company.
OR we may be able to help you locate the information with your state or local government.
OR we can check if there is a Simple Pump dealer nearby. Let us have the name of the nearest town to your location. (Just ONE town, however small.  No zip or county.) Use this form: https://www.simplepump.com/questions-messages/


Item Cost
Pump Head Assembly $575
24″ Lever Arm $72.50
6″ Well Cap $105
Top Drop Pipe / Lift Rod Section with weep hole to freeze-proof $50
(7) Drop Pipe / Lift Rod Section $350
Pump Cylinder $400
Check Valve with Pressure Gauge. To pump into your pressure tank or uphill. $75
Spare seal kit $30
Safety Tool for installation $28
Hand Operated Simple Pump $1,685.50
FedEx Ground (US Lower 48) $130
TOTAL $1,815.50

CHECK A BALLPARK PRICE at your water level

(Note: The Simple Pump cost is markedly less than other ‘serious’ pumps.)

Prices are based on a standard hand pump configuration. Shipping Rates are estimates and will be based on location.
Static Water Level (feet) Pump Position (feet) Estimated Price Estimated Shipping
50 80 $1,650 $145-$165
100 130 $1,900 $145-$165
150 180 $2,200 $145-$165
200 230 $2,450 $240-$260
250 280 $2,700 $240-$260
300 330 $2,950 $240-$260
325 350 $3,150 $240-$260
The Simple Pump works with dramatically less effort than other pumps. That also allows it to pump from much further down – as far as 325 feet static water level.
Pump Head
24" Lever Arm
6" Well Cap
Top Drop Pipe
Seven 9" Drop Pipe Units
Pump Cylinder
Check Valve
Spare seal kit
Installation tool
Shipping (US Lower 48)

CHECK A BALLPARK PRICE for your water level

(Note: These prices are markedly less than other ‘serious’ pumps.

Water Level Approx Price
50 $1,650
100 $1,900
150 $2,200
200 $2,450
250 $2,700
300 $2,950
325 $3,150

The Simple Pump works with dramatically less effort than other pumps… allowing it to pump from much further down.
Prices are based on a standard hand pump configuration.

My wife can operate it with one hand and very little effort (from 120 feet water level). It has the water flowing in just a few seconds. Piece of cake.

North Carolina

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Consider: What are you getting for your dollar?

You can find cheap plastic pumps, but they can’t pump from deep water levels, and they are not built to last. And such pumps can only pump into a bucket, rather than give you full use of your home’s plumbing system system.

You can find other “serious” and seemingly comparable pumps. They are more substantially made than the cheap pumps, but most can only pump to a bucket or non-pressurized tank. Those other pumps require from 2.5 to 5 times the pumping effort needed by the Simple Pump. And they are 25-50% more expensive than Simple Pump!

See here for more details on pricing considerations.

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