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Happy Simple Pump Owner

Happy Simple Pump Owner
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023


(reproduced with permission of the owner)

“Hi, there! I just wanted to say thanks for making such a solid product and having great documentation online

My wife and I have been in our semi-rural house for about three years now, and the previous owner had installed a Simple Pump as a backup alongside the electric well pump. We’ve thankfully only needed it once as a backup, but we use it regularly to fill watering cans or water bottles when we’re out in the yard. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago it “broke” — a little investigation revealed that the rod attached to the pump handle had simply detached from whatever was below it. So I spent a few minutes watching the thorough installation video you have on your website. That gave me the confidence to disassemble my pump assembly, find the issue, and reattach the sucker tube (a term I learned from the video). 

The whole process took less than fifteen minutes. Honestly, that fix-it job and getting to see all the pump’s parts up close makes me even more confident in and happy with my Simple Pump. 


I may not have been the one who selected and installed it, but I’m definitely happy I have it today! Thanks!”

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