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Easy Water Pumping with the Solar Powered Water Pump from Simple Pump

Easy Water Pumping with the Solar Powered Water Pump from Simple Pump
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023


No other solar-powered water pump has this feature that the Simple Pump solar-powered water pump systems have.

Simple Pump’s Solar Pump makes off-grid water easy and reliable.

While hand pumps are capable of providing water for your off-grid living and Simple Pump’s hand pumps are far easier to pump than other hand pumps on the market, not everyone wants to hand pump their water. It sometimes becomes a chore. Especially with all of the other work that needs to get done around your house. It’s like washing the dishes by hand versus having a dishwasher. Some people don’t mind handwashing their dishes or hand pumping their water. But having the convenience of a motor-operated water pump enables you to concentrate on other tasks.

And with Simple Pump’s reliability, there’s nothing to worry about concerning your water pump.


Recently, one of our customers recently told us about their experiences with the solar-powered Simple Pump solution.

My solar-powered battery system powers the Simple Pump to fill a 1,000 gallon tank. When the tank float drops to a certain level and switches the pump on, the pump fills the tank and then the float shuts the pump off.

Phil put a water meter on the discharge of the Simple Pump system to monitor the water being used in their home and garden. In about a year and a half, the Simple Pump delivered 237,916.13 gallons of water to Phil’s 1,000-gallon storage tank!


The Simple Pump solar-powered water pump solution uses one or two small solar panels to charge 2 batteries powering the Simple Pump motor. The system is very economical. With the low-draw motor, the system only requires a modest solar panel. If someone tried to power their regular submersible water pump with a solar panel, the cost would be prohibitive in comparison.

The Simple Pump solar system is highly reliable with years of worry-free water.

If a disaster happens such as a wind or ice storm that takes out the solar panel, the Simple Pump motor can be easily powered with a car battery or for a longer period of time, the Simple Pump motor can be easily replaced with a Simple Pump handle to convert it to a hand-operated water pump until your solar panels can be fixed.

No other solar-powered water pump has this capability!

The Simple Pump has been very reliable. It is still pumping three gallons per minute to fill my tank. I would recommend the Simple Pump to anyone who could use the pump for their needs.

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