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Client Story: Thank You for such an Awesome Product

Client Story: Thank You for such an Awesome Product
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

The Simple Pump is an awesome product.

My wife and I were able to install the Simple Pump in about 4 hours, taking our time to make sure everything was done correctly. After watching several videos for installation, I decided that we would take our 8’ ladder out to the well and use it to place the pipes over the pump rods to reduce the stress of bending the rods and that worked very well for us.

The pump works fantastic. As soon as we get our replacement fitting for our pressure tank (it got cracked years ago), we will try to manually fill the tank with the pump to make sure all is working well.

We already have several folks who are interested in getting their own Simple Pump, and we will be sending them your way.

Here is our installed pump, with the gauge facing the pump handle so the person doing the pumping can know when the pressure is at the right level.

Thanks again for such a wonderful product, our peace of mind that we’ll have water when we need it is immeasurable.


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