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Client Story: Self-Installed in 1.5 Hours

Client Story: Self-Installed in 1.5 Hours
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Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

I am building an off-grid home in Maine, and the Simple Pump is an integral part of it.

I needed a pump that could pump water from a drilled well into a header tank in the attic to supply a gravity-feed water system. I talked to you guys at Simple Pump a couple of times before actually making the purchase, and each time you were very helpful. You were able to provide detailed data on pump performance and capabilities, and through our discussions, I was confident in integrating your pump into my home system.

All this is to say that I gave you very high marks on customer service right from the start.

When the pump arrived (intact, with all the parts, and with very detailed and clear instructions), I installed it myself. My well is 140 feet deep with a static head of 35 feet, so I went with a 125-foot setup. I have never dealt with any well pumps and I have zero plumbing experience, but I found the Simple Pump installation to be easy and enjoyable. It took me about an hour and a half to install the pump by myself.

On a side note, the guys who drilled my well happened to be there while I opened the pump and inventoried the parts, and they were highly impressed with your pump. They have seen several Bison pumps being installed and they were blown away by the superiority of the Simple Pump in comparison. They commented on the high quality of the materials and were especially impressed with the thought that went into ensuring a safe, easy installation.

For the first week after installing my Simple Pump, I pumped it for a half hour every day to ensure a good flush of my well before doing a water test. That gave me a chance to adjust it to a good height for comfortable, prolonged pumping (and the endless adjustment possibilities is a very thoughtful feature of the Simple Pump). During those long pumping sessions I found it to be a very smooth, solid pump. I am still in the process of building my house, so right now my Simple Pump mainly just gets used to fill my water jug, but I occasionally use it to fill buckets for washing off concrete tools and to mix small batches of concrete on site.

That’s the extent of my Simple Pump experience so far, but once I plumb it into my household system and use it for a while, I plan on amending these comments with a longer-term assessment. I’ll also be happy to take pictures and possibly shoot video of my system and the pump’s operation.

Also, I’m willing to be a reference for Simple Pump in the Maine area.
Thanks for your interest in my experience, and for providing such an excellent product!

Maine, USA

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