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Client Story: Replacing A Submersible

Client Story: Replacing A Submersible
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Simple Pump
Published on
December 15, 2022

I recently had to pull and replace a submersible pump (died after many years). The “pump guy” arrived to assist me before I had time to painstakingly remove simple hand-powered pump (section by section) — to allow passage of submersible pump from lower in the same well casing.

Well, we did the math: 2.5-inch diameter submersible pump and Simple Pump line… both inside a 6-inch casing.

Short and sweet of it was that by carefully pulling up submersible pump we were able to leave Simple Pump in place.

The Simple pump worked fine post-removal of the electric, deeper pump. This was despite the fact that when I put the Simple Pump in about a year ago, I had placed it between PVC pipe, the electric pump, and the electric feed line (were free, near the top of well-head). But, this was no problem as these lines passed over the entire Simple Pump assembly at removal, as we planned to cut the electric line to allow for easy removal and splicing once put replacement electric pump back down.

That's exactly what we did. We hooked up new pump. About 100 ft. depth. Passed down casing carefully. Passed by the Simple Pump (about 60 to 70 ft deep) without any problems. Both pumps now work as intended.

PS, Arkansas

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