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Client Story: Ready for Anything

Client Story: Ready for Anything
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

Many years ago we heard of the Simple Pump system for use out in the county for a backup in one's well.

A few years passed and the drought really got going in western Nevada and the Sierras areas.

I saw a neat site and watched the video and it all started to come together as to, as my wife was starting to think and say, we have to have water.

On top of all the drought was the trouble the country was in.

Food, Water, gas/diesel, electricity all are getting to the point where one has to wonder where we are headed and the outcome of our country.

Shortages are becoming a common way of life and supply and demand in some areas are getting tight and expensive. Bluntly put, be prepared because it is going to get worse. If you are not ready with food and water you could be lost.

To the topic at hand. Simply Pump looked to be the best on the market and had better quality then the rest I researched on the net. Plus the fact these are made, well, not by the big corporations but locally.

It comes down to if you want water or not. The side note is, you NEED water to live. This system doesn’t need electricity just manual labor like in the covered wagon days. That is a scary thought. We may be headed in that direction if the country doesn’t pull itself out.

This system can be used to supply your house too. All it takes is to keep the pressure right with the right parts hook up

There are options if manual labor is uncomfortable for some people.

WHAT IF, planning ahead, in the long run, may pay off or at least take some worry out of your life.

Sierras, Reno NV

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