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Client Story: Preparing in Maine

Client Story: Preparing in Maine
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

I was at a customer’s house installing some solar gear and noticed the “Simple Pump” and immediately took an interest because I was in the market for a hand pump. I had been looking hard at the Bison pump as it is made just up the road from me here in Maine and had never heard of the Simple Pump.

I asked a hundred questions and pumped gallons of water with my customer’s Simple Pump and was impressed. We spent a little time discussing pumps and I expressed that I was going to buy the Bison and support a local company. My customer started to laugh and said “Have I got a deal for you, but I recommend you do not take me up on it.”

Turns out he had a few-week-old Bison in his shop that he just removed from his well as it was way too hard to pump and he and his wife were completely dissatisfied with it. They had researched and purchased a Simple Pump and were very happy with that decision. It was at that point I determined what brand of pump I would buy even when offered a lightly used Bison at a substantial deal.

It took me a few months to get my well drilled and become ready to make the purchase. I ordered everything direct and it showed up in a timely manner and Gary was just such a pleasure to work with when designing and ordering my pump. I used 99ft of drop pipe and installed this pump myself in about 45 minutes.

I immediately pumped for 15-20 minutes to play with my cool new pump. My youngest daughter (6 years old) was impressed. She started pumping, and I think she pumped for 30-45 minutes, mostly with one hand.

This is an impressive pump and sure is a treat to use. Our water level is down 20ft but we have only 1/2 a Gallon per minute recovery rate — so with all that pumping we would have been lifting water from 50-75 feet and my 6 year old was doing it with ONE HAND!!!


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