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Client Story: Prepared in Ohio

Client Story: Prepared in Ohio
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Simple Pump
Published on
December 15, 2022

I did not install the Simple Pump, yet. In our rural area, we are not permitted to alter the existing well conditions without first seeking a permit, and there are no permits that …. permit, so to speak, use of a piggy-back hand pump in an existing well with an electric pump.

That is fine with us. We simply have the pump ready to install, should the need arise. And, should that need arise, there will be no permits or permit inspectors to worry about anyway!

I carefully inspected all parts of the pump when it arrived and placed all back in the shipping carton, along with sufficient Teflon tape and a large jug of bleach, and stored all out of the way but ready to go if necessary. We have sufficient water stored to last for about a week or so, which would give us more than enough time to assemble and install the Simple Pump if it looked like it would be needed.

I am very satisfied with what I saw on the Simple Pump — design, workmanship, quality of materials, instructions, etc. We are far less concerned now that we have the Pump on hand, and feel that this was a VERY worthwhile investment.

Even short of a major catastrophe that would wipe out the grid, having the Simple Pump on hand here in central Ohio still makes sense. On June 29, 2012, a violent storm passed through most of the state and, in our immediate area, some people were without electricity for up to 11 days.

Carroll, OH

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