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Client Story: Never Again!

Client Story: Never Again!
Written by
Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

I live on a river in the Lower Ozarks with my wife and two young sons.

Three years ago, we experienced the worst ice storm in a generation. Most of the power was knocked out in a three-state area for two weeks and more. As I sat in a rapidly cooling house with no power, heat, or well water and no way to drive off of my property due to downed trees and power lines—the realization hit me; I was TOTALLY unprepared for an emergency. And due to my negligence, I had put my family in danger! Not something any man likes to admit.

As the weather cleared we did manage to drive out and head south for safety. I vowed never to rely on my electric well pump in an emergency again.

I found Simple Pump online and researched their Simple Pump products. When I called Simple Pump with questions, they spent well over an hour with me answering my questions, helping me identify the correct pump head type, well water depth, and many other technical factors so that I was completely confident I was ordering the correct Simple Pump equipment for my situation. I was simply blown away by the in-depth, professional, and friendly customer service I received from Simple Pump.

My next pleasant surprise was how easy it was to have my Simple Pump installed. I received everything I needed from Simple Pump a week later. I called my well company (I could easily have installed the Simple Pump myself, but I was putting in a new pump head anyway) and asked them if they would install my new Simple Pump.

They had never installed one before, but because of the easy written instructions and even an online installation video on Simple Pump’s website, they were able to install the complete Simple Pump system in just under two hours. (And that even included installing a yard hydrant next to my well head so that I can hook up my Simple Pump through a three-foot flexible water line and actually backfill the pressure tank in my basement; allowing me to service every faucet, toilet, and shower in my house via my Simple Pump!!).

As I write this today, February 1, 2011 at 1:00 PM, we are in the midst of another horrible ice storm, but I am not the least bit concerned because I know if the power goes off—my water will not! I’m now prepared for any emergency with Simple Pump! I truly believe that if you depend on a well for your water and don’t have a Simple Pump—you are needlessly putting yourself and family at risk. Trust me—Simple Pump will help.

On the North Fork River
Lower Ozarks

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