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Client Story: My Driller was Impressed

Client Story: My Driller was Impressed
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Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

I had mentioned that the guys who originally drilled my well were very impressed with the Simple Pump, but I wasn’t sure if they’d be interested in talking with you. Well, it doesn’t get much more ironic than this — I was out working on the house today, and who pulls into my driveway but the well guys!? They were in my area and they wanted to stop by and see how my pump was working out. We had a long talk, and they absolutely loved my pump. During the course of the conversation, one of them had filled up a 6-gallon bucket because he just couldn’t keep his hands off the pump! So they said it was okay to give you their number.

They told me that they’ve been recommending Simple Pump to everyone who has asked them about hand pumps ever since they saw mine—and that was pre-installation before they even saw it actually working!

After seeing all of the components laid out, seeing the pump installed, and actually getting to operate the pump, they are definitely true believers in your product. According to them, you guys are head and shoulders above Bison in quality.

Waldo County, ME is kind of a hot spot for people living off-grid (remember the “back-to-the-land movement?) — well, it’s still going on here), and I’m making sure to mention Simple Pump whenever the subject of hand-pumping comes up. I’m just so thoroughly impressed with my pump that I can’t help but advertise for you.

Maine, USA

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