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Client Story: Just Being Practical

Client Story: Just Being Practical
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Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

I am a “quasi survivalist".

More so just a practical 65 y.o. man who grew up on a small farm in Michigan where we raised all our own food, fruit and most of our meat. We try to live like this as much as we can. I’ve had wood stoves most of my life and still do. I keep a 2 to 3 year wood supply.

My wife and I both have master's degrees and professional lives. We love the nature and beauty here and just want to be prepared for…whatever may come. With the tall trees and heavy snows, trees come down often and power can be knocked out. So our Simple Pump is for emergencies.

Per the Simple Pump installation, I have done remodeling for a few years so have a variety of modest skills. I did the wiring and replumbed the underground pipe/wiring stuff. I installed the new well cap. I have a close friend who works with a farm and ranch pump installer. He came over and we worked together putting in the pump and drop pipe. It only took us an hour or two and was not complicated.

Unless someone is pretty skilled, so as not to drop their pump down the well, I recommend having a helper with some mechanical type skills. And it was nice to do it with my friend.

Thanks for the Great Product and the Great Quality! Also I had a couple of great support phone calls along the way!

PS: Because I will only use the pump during emergencies and because I didn’t want it to draw my neighbors’ attention, I lowered the pump down as close as I could to the well cap until I need it and removed the handle…didn’t want that to “walk away”. I keep it in my office.

Central Oregon

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