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Client Story: DIY Installation in Idaho

Client Story: DIY Installation in Idaho
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Simple Pump
Published on
February 3, 2023

My wife and I worked together to install our Simple Pump. The installation of the hand pump and pipes took only a few hours. After sanitizing all the pipes and rods with a mixture of bleach and water we began assembling each piece and lowering them down into the well. Our well is over 500 feet deep. The pump motor is down 250 feet and out water level near 160 feet. Our Simple Pump was 22 sections of pipe and that puts the piston pump at 200 feet.

It took 97 strokes to get water up from 200 feet. Now that it is primed it only takes about 10 strokes to start water flowing once it has rested for a day or so.

Here’s why we bought a Simple Pump…

Our well motor is a 7.5 HP motor on a 50 Amp circuit. It is 6 inches in diameter in an 8-inch casing. The well was sized for feeding our geothermal heating/cooling system, domestic use, and irrigation of several acres all at the same time. When the power goes off and the pressure tanks run low then we have no water. Our 9000-watt generator will run most items in our house but is not large enough for the well motor.

Having a Simple Pump is a reliable backup to supply water whenever we need it. We even use it to fill buckets once in a while for watering newly planted fruit trees in our yard. We have been very pleased with the clarity and great taste of our well water and now impressed that we were able to install ourselves a reliable backup water collection system for peace of mind.

Middleton, Idaho

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