The Best Backup Well Pump

The Simple Pump Hand Well Pump is the best backup water pump that you can rely on when the power goes out.

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Hand Powered

Water Delivered By Your Power

The Simple Pump is a hand operated well pump system that utilizes a 24 inch or 36 inch handle to pump your water. Make sure you can pump your well water when you don't have access to power.

No Electricity

It doesn't matter why the power to your submersible pump isn't working. Your power works when you decide.

Doesn't Freeze

The deep well hand pump has several features that make sure your pump doesn't freeze.

The Simple Pump deep well hand pump installed on a 6 inch well
Peace of Mind

Don't Wait For The Emergency

The Simple Pump Hand Well Pump installs next to your submersible pump so that you are prepared when the electricity stops working.

Wells 4-Inch or Larger

Install the hand pump next to your submersible pump in wells 4-inch in diameter or larger.

Easy Installation

We designed it as an easy DIY installation, but we have an extensive dealer network if you want to make the installation easy.

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Customer testimonials

Just two of many stories from our customers.

"Three years ago, we experienced the worst ice storm in a generation (on the North Fork River, Lower Ozark). Most of the power was knocked out in a three-state area for two weeks and more. As I sat in a rapidly cooling house with no power, heat, or well water and no way to drive off of my property due to downed trees and power lines—the realization hit me; I was TOTALLY unprepared for an emergency. And due to my negligence, I had put my family in danger!"

The Worst Ice Storm

"As I write this today, February 1, at 1:00 PM, we are in the midst of another horrible ice storm, but I am not the least bit concerned because I know if the power goes off—my water will not! I’m now prepared for any emergency with Simple Pump! I truly believe that if you depend on a well for your water and don’t have a Simple Pump—you are needlessly putting yourself and your family at risk. Trust me—Simple Pump will help."

Now I'm Prepared

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we frequently get asked.

How deep a well can the Simple Pump hand well pump be installed in?

The Simple Pump deep well hand pump can be installed in a well of a few feet to hundreds of feet deep. The static water level needs to be at most 325 feet deep for the Simple Pump to be able to lift water without the water being to heavy to hand lift.

Can I install the Simple Pump next to my existing submersible pump?

Yes, a working submersible pump can be installed next to the Simple Pump deep well hand pump. In this setup, it is preferable to have the Simple Pump as a backup pump in case your submersible pump breaks down or loses power due to weather or another factor.

In the well, drop pipes for the Simple Pump and the submersible pipe are put side by side. With the Simple Pump, you may keep using the submersible pump in your current configuration. In the event that you lose electricity or your submersible pump breaks down, the Simple Pump enables you to access your well water.

Can the Simple Pump work through my existing pitless adaptor?

The Simple Pump works in conjunction with your submersible but is a totally different technology. Because our pipe contains a number of rods connecting the lever arm at the top to the pump piston and a cylinder at the bottom, we are unable to use the submersible pipe pitless connection.

There must be a method for releasing the water in the Simple Pump drop pipe through the casing's side. Our specifically designed pitless adaptor makes it possible to pump from the top while channeling the water to the pitless piping.

Once the pipe has been positioned sideways outside the well casing, it is simple to connect it to the pipe coming from the submersible at a T junction so that one pipe runs beneath your house. The running pump cannot pump water down the other branch to the other pump because each branch of the T contains a one-way check valve.

What size well does the Simple Pump fit in?

The Simple Pump Deep well pump system's largest part measures roughly 1.75′ inches in outer diameter.

The Simple Pump can be installed in a well casing with an internal diameter of 2 inches as a standalone application.

In the vast majority of wells 4 inches or larger, the Simple Pump can be installed alongside an existing submersible pump.

Can the Simple Pump hand pump water into my pressure tank?

Yes, even from a deep well, the Simple Pump deep well hand well pump can pump water into your home's pressure tank.

The Simple Pump hand pump is designed and made to be sturdy and capable of manually pumping water into your pressure tank. The Simple Pump is machined from a stainless steel billet to provide a lightweight and sturdy pump capable of this pumping performance. The weight of the pump system is crucial to the amount of leverage and strength necessary to hand pump into a pressure tank.

The Simple Pump must be configured to pump into pressure tanks and other pressure connections, and the pressure gauge/check valve combination prevents pressure push-back.

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