Client Story: Why I Bought A Simple Pump

(And what I think of it, now.)

The reason for purchasing and installation of the Simple Pump was the need for a continuous supply of water. My wife is in the seventh year of Alzheimer’s and is cared for at home. An interruption of the availability of water beyond several hours would seriously impact her care. In the past years we experienced power outages lasting up to seven days and malfunction of the electric motor/pressure tank system extending to days. Therefore plan B – the hand pump on top of the well head housing the electrical pump.

I selected your pump based on a review of the data available on the Internet from you and four of your competitors, Although your proposal was not the least expensive – it seemed the most professional.

I would have considered installation of the pump myself ( with the help of some handyman I would have had to hire) but decided against it because I simply could not afford some glitch in the continuous supply of water for the above mentioned reasons.

In the greater area of Greenwich CT, where I live, there are literally thousands of deep wells in operation. Yet, when it comes to servicing these wells competent service personnel, who seem to know their business, is rare. Most operators, as soon as they heard “hand pump” expressed no interest or quoted outrageous estimates. If I would be a few decades younger than my 85 years I would go into the well service business!! Cannot lose.

After six weeks of efforts to get the pump installed, Mr. Kenneth Muller (Interstate Artesian Well Co, Greenwich, CT ) and two of his employees finally rolled up to my house and installed the pump inside of two and a half hours. For anyone in my general area (Fairfield, Westchester, etc.) who intends to install your pump I highly recommend to call Mr. Muller. Extensive information is available on their web site.

Some of my Kraut perfectionist observations concerning the subject are:

The pump does what it is supposed to do with minimal effort.

The material and workmanship are first class.

The five segments, showing the installation of the Simple Pump on a manual wellhead on YouTube, are very well done. It shows that no rocket science is required. Anyone with a right and left hand can do it.

Thank you.