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We love the pump and know it will give us many years of quality service. As a mechanical engineer myself in aerospace, I know quality when I see it – and this was the real deal.
Thanks again for your great product!

The Simple Pump was easy to install.  You have a great product and support.  I installed my pump myself.  The install videos and instructions are easy to follow and to the point.  It gives my family a lot of peace to know that we can have water even when the gas generator runs out of fuel or is not available.
High Springs, Florida

I live in a remote area in the Rocky Mountains. It is not uncommon for us to have very heavy snowfall which can disrupt power. Without power, I can’t pump water!

When we are buried in feet of snow, we can’t necessarily run to the store (which is half-an-hour away in good weather) to get bottles of water. Trying to store enough water and keep it fresh is too cumbersome.

Simple Pump was the answer to this problem. Now I know that we could be without power for weeks and I can still provide my family with fresh water at all times!

I ordered a simple pump several years ago, assuming that there will come a time when electricity is unavailable.  When I did, I ordered the wrong size cap for my well. When I discovered that fact, Simple Pump sent me the correct size and reimbursed me the full purchase price for the initial cap when they received it in the mail. These people are very straight forward and trustworthy. I don’t look forward to the time that I need to use their product, but I have great confidence it will provide the fresh water that my family needs.

Given the many crises worldwide in the last few years,  my wife felt the need to be able to pump our well water by hand. As we can see even after Hurricane Irene, there is no guaranty after catastrophic storms or events that we would even be able to acquire gasoline for our generator. This is what motivated me to finally install the already purchased pump.

We had researched other pump companies, and had decided to go with Simple Pump Co. The installation was very easy. Although having 2 people to install the pump is recommended, after a little thought on the subject I felt I could perform the installation myself. Everything went very well, and the pump works great. It is about 100 ft. down, and it only took about 5 pumps to have water flowing freely. My wife also found it surprisingly easy to use.

I would recommend your product quite confidently.

From a Plumbing professional
I installed the pump myself and it was simple.  It is nice knowing that when the power goes out I can get water to cover my immediate needs.
Thanks for a great product.

My dad and I installed our Simple Pump ourselves in a couple of hours. We watched the installation videos a couple of days prior, which made installation super easy. Everything went together as it was supposed to and it works perfectly. We are very satisfied to have invested in such a high quality product.

My husband installed the pump with the help of a some relatives. The instruction were complete and the video really helped a lot. We wanted to have use of our well if our electricity was off. The construction and the material used in the pump are fine quality. We would recommend this pump to anyone. Your company was there for us with answers to any questions.

Wilson Well and Pump recommended Simple Pump to me. Said it was “the best” and I trusted them because they had done work for me in the past. Besides being easy to install, it is easy to operate. My wife can even operate it with 3 or 4 easy pumps on the handle. In fact, she does it with one hand and very little effort (from 120 feet water level). It has the water flowing in just a few seconds. Piece of cake. Would recommend it to anyone.
North Carolina

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