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simple-pump-logoThere is no better choice than buying a Simple Pump. Call their number, whip out your credit card, and sleep well knowing you just made the right decision.

Okay, so you call yourselves Simple Pump Company, but I didn’t really think it would be THAT simple. From seeing the package in the barn to totally installed and pumping as advertised took about 3 hours, and that included chats with the neighbors. My dog could have installed this pump if he had opposing thumbs! Totally awesome, and works perfectly. One person installation, and your video did a shining job. Thanks for a great product. You will certainly get references from me!

A quick note to thank you for the delivery of the 125 pump, and to confirm its successful installation.
It is regrettably rare these days to be as satisfied with the purchase of a product as I was in this case. The satisfaction and pleasure of assembling such well designed and precisely machined parts was unexpected, and the instructions (and web videos especially) meant I was prepared in advance and got the whole string in the well and pumping water in about 1 hour.
As a fellow small business owner I’m always looking at others’ processes and was also impressed with your inquiry follow-up, ease of transaction, and efficient fulfillment. You seem to be doing things right, and it is most appreciated by this customer.
Thanks again and keep doing what you’re doing!
Best regards,
David Bianciardi — AV&C

Thanks so much, Steve.
I’m sure I’m one of many, many people that really appreciate what you’re making possible.
You’re making a major, positive impact on many lives.
Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

We installed our pump yesterday! Youtube and written instructions were excellent. It took my wife and I about 3-4 hours to install. Not bad for first timers. The pump works as advertised and the quality of materials and workmanship are impressive. The peace of mind is worth the investment. I have told a couple of neighbors about our pump. One is very interested and will be contacting you in the not too distant future.

I appreciated the fast turnaround and thorough thought put into the inquiry. It’s nice to work with a present day business that does old fashion customer service.

I want to thank you for the ethical way you run your business. I was not even aware of the issues you raised and it saved me a great deal of frustration and expense. I will whole heartedly recommend you to anyone I know that may be able to use your product.

“Thank you so much for this amazing pump and thorough instructions! My mom and I were able to install it ourselves yesterday! I am so grateful for the functionality of the system, and I love that it is always able to be used right alongside our regular submersible pump system.”
Hannah T. Oregon

I am so thankful for Simple Pump. It was the answer to my search for a way to provide sustainable water for my family in the event of a long-term power loss, which is very possible with the hurricanes and tornadoes that plague Florida. I especially like that it can be hooked up to provide water directly into the house. The people at Simple Pump were very helpful in answering all my questions and guiding me through the process.
Thank you!

This is what has impressed us so much with your business – you have been very responsive to our questions from the start – and have followed up personally! It’s so good to see people do business so well in these days where so many can be apathetic or uncaring of their customers!

Hopefully your good business practices become contagious to those with whom you interact! We could use a little more of your philosophy in this country!

What a wonderful product you have! We did install the pump ourself – two of us, with a little help from one or 2 children (mostly go-fers). It was a very positive and rewarding experience!
I wrote a blog about it for our website – including before and after pictures – which you are welcome to use… http://morningstarmeadows.posterous.com/the-rest-of-the-story
Thanks for producing such a useful and easy-to-install device!

My wife and I both believe strongly in buying local and supporting local business. However, in this instance, we do not hesitate to endorse the Simple Pump over the locally made Bison Pump.
Jackson, ME

The fact that even someone with no pump knowledge like myself could put this together and draw water from over 200 feet is a tribute to your equipment’s excellent design and remarkable customer support.

Thank you so much for this amazing pump and thorough instructions! My mom and I were able to install it ourselves yesterday! I am so grateful for the functionality of the system, and I love that it is always able to be used right alongside our regular submersible pump system.
Hannah T. Oregon

It truly is a “simple pump” and it was so smooth that I thought that it was not working until I drew water from it! (I grew up an old Amish farm and for some reason anticipated the “clanks and bangs” I recall hearing when pumping water as a boy.)

With a deep well in a remote off-grid location, we needed a backup water supply in case the submersible or solar system failed. There were challenges and complications with this installation but the Simple Pump company assisted us along the way. Now we have the pump installed alongside the submersible at 290 ft. It’s amazing to me to be able to bring up water by hand from that depth. Thank you Simple Pump.
El Dorado County, CA

Hello, wanted to say I bought my pump last year, and finally got it in the ground last night. WOW!
I am so impressed. It was a breeze to put down in my 4″ well. And so easy to operate. Thanks for a great product. I have friends that are gonna be getting one now!
South Carolina

Thank you for the prompt turn around, tracking info and invoicing. Once again, Simple Pump (the company and the pump) performs beautifully.
Yours, Michael Taillon, Blue Ridge Pumps

We installed the pump ourselves (2 of us) and neither one of us had ever done anything like this before. It was super easy! The pump works wonderfully! My kids (ages 7 and 8) love to pump water also. Love it!
North Carolina

This is obviously the Cadillac of the industry, and I am impressed. I recognize the value of the investment in your quality.

As promised, and as you all indicated… simple to install and works as advertised…. Many, many thanks.
I can’t fully express my happiness over being so satisfied with every aspect of my experience with you all.

We are very pleased with the pump. Even our three year old can pump it and get water! (25 feet water level.)

Successfully installed my pump today. I was very impressed with the quality craftsmanship and perfect instructions. It is clear your team pays careful attention to detail.

Thanks for the fantastic well pump, we absolutely love it!
The electrical grid is a fragile thing and all of us should be prepared for it going away. The Simple Pump is a key element of being prepared… along with food, heat and a good form of shelter.

oregonPhoto of one client’s Simple Pump.We are very happy with your Simple Pump. We received the Simple Pump within two days after ordering. You were very helpful and courteous.
We installed the Simple Pump on our new well at our two acres. There is no electricity to the property and when we researched hand pumps online and watched your online videos, we decided yours was the one to order. Your video and directions were very clear and we had no problems installing it ourselves. Our well is 128′ deep with a static water level of 24′ and 40 gallons per minute.
We also purchased your one way valve as we will be installing a pressure tank in the pump house. We purchased the three foot handle to make it easier to pressurize the tank. Down the road we may be interested in your electric motor to run the pump.
South-central Oregon

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