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Client Story: Alberta, Canada

What We Were Looking For

We live in Calgary, Alberta and have a farm 50 miles NW of Calgary and wanted to build a weekend cottage that we could use in the summer time. The best building site was on a rise with no trees. We planned to plant some trees but needed a decent supply of water. We planted 3000 seedlings and started trucking water in 45 gallon drums in the back of a pick-up to get the trees started. But after a few weeks, trucking the water became the main job. Little time left for anything else. We needed a well.

We lined up a fellow with a cable-tool drilling rig and got ready to drill a well. We got a dowser to find the best place for the well. He witched the whole building site and said there was no water anywhere. We gave the bad news to the water-well driller. He said there was water everywhere and if he didn’t find water, we wouldn’t have to pay for the well. He drilled the well and found about 1 gpm at 65 ft. He continued drilling to 95 ft. looking for more water but didn’t find any more. 1 gpm isn’t much of a well, but it was better than nothing and we were paying for the well anyway so we had him case it.

We have power running past the farm, but the utility company wanted $80/month just for the hook up. The actual power and the billing fee was on top of that. So for the relatively small amount of time we planned to spend there, we decided to make do with a little generator. We bought the smallest 110 V submersible pump we could find and installed it. But it was rated at 5 gpm so it would run for only 5 minutes before it emptied the well. Still it was better than hauling water in the back of a pick-up so we made do.

Part 2: How Simple Pump Solved Our Problem
Part 3: How Simple Pump’s Simplicity of Installation/Use Has Been Valuable to Us
Part 4: The Service We Got From Simple Pump Was Exceptional

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