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Pumping Effort, compared to Bison

Pumping Effort: Simple Pump v Bison

This is for the “least effort” setup for each pump. That is:
– Smallest cylinder.
– Pumping to open container.

Our customers have told us, over the years, that anything much beyond about 20lbs is unacceptable work.  

The range of about 12-18lbs is what probably most people would consider “moderate”.
Bison leaves the “moderate” range around 150’ water level. Simple Pump is still inside “moderate” at our limit of 325’ water level.

50′ 2.5 6
100′ 5 12
150′ 7.5 18
200′ 10 24
250′ 12.5 31
300′ 15 37
325′ 16 too deep


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