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Help for Quote Query Page

This page has information on terminology and on finding out your specs.


Static water level: The stable water level in your well when you are not pumping and haven’t been pumping recently. Measured from ground level down.

Submersible position/set:  How far under ground level the submersible is. Will be a larger number than the water level.

Depth of well:  Distance from ground level to the solid bottom of the well.  Will be a larger number than water level and submersible set.

Recovery rate: How quickly the well fills back up after pumping. Will probably be on your well report.

Casing rise above ground level: Distance from ground level to the rim of your casing. Usually between about 12 and 30 inches.  Can be less or more than that.  Some wells will be below ground level.

Connect to home’s plumbing:  In most wells, the Simple Pump can pump into your pressure tank, giving water all around your house. This is a huge convenience.

Vertical rise: Most wells are roughly on the same level as where the water is going.  Some home’s might be uphill.  If your home is uphill, we need to know the VERTICAL difference between the well and your home. Also, if the distance is a long way, the “across the ground” distance will be useful.


To help with checking your specs, you can download this PDF. Use that to gather the specs and then use that info to fill out the quote query form.

Some specs you will just decide or go outside and measure. For others:

– You can check your well report, if you have that.

– Or maybe get the information from the company who drilled the well. (If you need a well company, please let us know. We may be able to refer you to a dealer-installer.)

– Or you can probably get a copy from your state. Check the table below, to see how to do that.




The Geological Survey of Alabama has private well locations shown on a map. The well completion report is then downloadable in pdf format. 
Note that the quality of the scans varies considerably.


Go to this page: https://dnr.alaska.gov/welts/#show-welts-intro-template. Then the second block down. Search “Owner Name”. Enter your name. Click “Search”.


You can search for your well report here: https://www.gsa.state.al.us/gsa/groundwater/waterinfo.


Go to https://wise.er.usgs.gov/driller_db/. Click top button for “Public Log-in”. Click on “View Well Construction Form”. Fill in Details and click “Submit Form”.


Print out and complete the well report request form on this page:
Then mail or fax it to the appropriate district office shown on the top of the form.


You can search on this page: http://www.dwr.state.co.us/wellpermitsearch.


Well reports are held at local towns and health districts.


Well reports are not accessible online. Call the Water Supply Section at (302) 739-9944 for a copy of your report. 


Go to: https://permitting.sjrwmd.com/srepermitting/jsp/SearchWellCmple.do?theAction=init.  You will need to know your county, section, township and range. Click ‘Land Owner’ in middle of form and put address. You may need to change the date on the search at the bottom of the page,  (e.g.1995 to present).


To get a copy of your well report… Unfortunately, Georgia does not maintain a database of well information for privately owned wells.  Some counties require a well log/report to be to be submitted, but many do not.  So, you could contact your County Department of Environmental Health and they MIGHT have it.  


Phone the Bureau of Conveyances at (808) 587 – 0030).


Go to https://maps.idwr.idaho.gov/map/locator Then search by street address.
Or try https://idwr.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=c9c65a636adb478fbc63057bc267d741


You should be able to get a copy of your well report from your county public health department.


You can search water well records by address here: https://secure.in.gov/apps/dnr/dowos/WaterWell.aspx


Go to https://www.iihr.uiowa.edu/igs/geosam/home  Click on “Map Search” on left. Click on the part of the state you need info for, and keep clicking to zoom in to a particular well.


For your well report: http://www.kgs.ku.edu/Magellan/WaterWell/. Then click on the left column.
You’ll need your township, range and section. If you don’t know those, you can look them up, on this page: http://www.kgs.ku.edu/Magellan/WaterWell/. In the “GoTo Location” box, click on the mailbox, just to the right of those words, to search by address. Enter address and click “Locate”.
You can also email or phone for assistance:
Pam Chafee <[email protected]>, 785-296-3565 
This may also be useful information: To search for water testing labs or certified well companies:


You can search in various ways on this page:


Go to http://dnr.louisiana.gov
Click on SONRIS box on the right side
Click on “SONRIS Data Portal” box in the top left corner.
Scroll down to GROUNDWATER WELL INFORMATION (sixth item)
Select how you want to search for the well. (Water Wells by Owner). Click the LIGHT BULB. Enter your name.


Water well information is available at the Maine Geological Survey’s water well database: https://www.maine.gov/dacf/mgs/pubs/digital/well.htm
You can search the map for wells that they are able to locate based on the information provided by the driller, or you can download and search the tables for possible matches to the well of interest.

You are also welcome to email or call the Senior Geologist for assistance…
Amber T H Whittaker
Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
207-287-2803 | [email protected]


Well reports are at the local county health department. You’ll need to call. List of phone numbers here: http://www.mgs.md.gov/groundwater/well_information_contacts.html


To find a copy of your well report, go to:
Then search by town or type or whatever you know. When the window comes up with the search results, the link to the reports are in the “Well ID” column. Click on that and the report comes up as an image, but there is also a button in the top left-hand corner that allows you to download it as a PDF.


Coming soon.


You can check with the Minnesota Department of Health: https://ewells.web.health.state.mn.us/searchDisclosureAddress.jsf


Phone and ask the Department of Health for your report: (601) 576-7150.


For a well drilled after July 1987, go to https://dnr.mo.gov/mowells/publicLanding.do. Click “Select” on the right of “Search the Well Information Management System”.
For wells before July 1987, phone the Water Resources Center at 573-368-2175.


Set up an account here:
Then go to: https://mbmggwic.mtech.edu/sqlserver/v11/help/go/signin.asp
Use the “user name” from your new account. Under “Data Use”, pick “Just looking for a well log”. Click “Login to GWIC” and continue.
or: Go to http://data.mbmg.mtech.edu/mapper/mapper.asp?view=Wells&. Zoom in to find your well. 


You can search on this page: http://nednr.nebraska.gov/Dynamic/Wells/Wells. If you have any trouble with that, and IF you have the well registration number, you can email Heather McPherson <[email protected]


You can check through this map search:
http://water.nv.gov/mapping.aspx?mapping=Mapping Application Links
Click the second link down – “Nevada Hydrology Data.” Once the map loads, you’ll want to go into the layers tab and turn on the domestic wells (it will have a blue triangle next to it.) Then search on the map for your well.
Or you can phone the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources at (775) 684-2800 and ask them to help you.

New Hampshire

Go to: http://www4.des.state.nh.us/DESOnestop/BasicSearch.aspx 
Click Water Well. Fill in Location info. Click “Enter” just ABOVE location section.

New Jersey

For your well report… Contact the Bureau of Water Allocation and Well Permitting. Print and fill out this PDF, and send to the email or address or fax at the top of the form.
If you need assistance, email [email protected].

New Mexico

To get your well report, you’ll need the well id from the tag (a 3-inch metal plate on the well). Then you can contact the Office of the State Engineer to get information about your well – [email protected].  If you need assistance, phone that department at (505) 827-6150.

New York

Email [email protected] or phone 877-472-2619. 20% are available online available http://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/4997.html

North Carolina

You would need to contact Environmental Health Dept of your county ask to receive a copy of your well report. Some counties have are better finding the older records but most should have anything for the last 15 years or so.
Usually just your address will suffice but some counties may require a Pin# for the lot.
A lot of counties are moving towards being able to look it up online also, so you could ask if they have that yet.

North Dakota

It looks like you start here: http://bwwc.nd.gov/welllink/4dcgi/logsearchformweb/MapandDataResources




Go to: https://owrb.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=ed61209c40ec4f53bc51d2ffd18aa39b
Then use “Find” box for address, or zoom in to a particular well.




You may be able to find your well report using the form at the bottom of this page: https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/Conservation/Water/Groundwater/PAGroundwaterInformationSystem/Pages/default.aspx

Rhode Island

There is no online access for well reports. You would need to call Shannon Nakama at the Dept. of Health: 401 222 7781.

South Carolina

Your well report isn’t directly available online. You’ll need to submit a request online: 

South Dakota

Go to: https://denr.sd.gov/des/wr/dblogsearch.aspx.
If the search is not working properly Contact Ron Duvall at (605) 773-3352 or email [email protected] (Attn. Ron Duvall).


There is no online access for well reports. You can contact the state government and ask for your report by address.
Email: [email protected] or phone: 1-800-523-4873


Go to: http://www2.twdb.texas.gov/apps/WaterDataInteractive/GroundwaterDataViewer/?map=sdr
Just type an address in the address bar and a map will come up with brown dots. Those are wells and click on the dot and the report will pop up.


There is a complicated form at https://www.waterrights.utah.gov/wellinfo/wellsearch.asp. If no luck with that, phone 801-538-7240 to request your well log.


Search through this form: https://anrweb.vt.gov/DEC/WellDrillerReports/Default.aspx


For well reports in Virginia, you can’t access them anywhere online. You would need to contact your local Dept. of Environmental Health and request a copy.


Search through this form: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/wellconstruction/map/wclswebMap/default.aspx

West Virginia

To get a copy of your well report, you’ll need to phone your COUNTY health department.


Go to: https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Groundwater/data.html#wellreports. Then you can read an introduction and an FAQ, and search for after or before 1988.


In Wyoming, getting your well report is through the State Engineers Office. The process is a bit complex:
You need to set up a profile here: https://egov.state.wy.us/Profile.aspx
Then to do a search, you log in here: http://seoweb.wyo.gov/e-Permit/common/login.aspx
Or for assistance: 307 777 6150.