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Wells and Pitless Adaptors

Is there room in my 4” Well for A Simple Pump i Have a Submersible with Pitless Adaptor.

4″ casings with a pitless are possible, but are relatively rare. Usually the top section will have been made 6″. This makes the installation of a pitless much easier.
If the well is 4″ diameter all the way up and with a pitless, installation might be possible… with a bit of manouvering. Or if the pitless doesn’t allow installation, it can always be replaced by a slimmer kind. 

“Should I tie in to my existing pitless or pump out the well cap?”

The answer is that it depends — on how cold it is where you live, how much you might need backup, whether your casing can take a second pitless (6″ ID needed), and whether you want to spend the extra to get the Simple Pump pitless adaptor installed.

Connecting to your existing underground line from your pitless adaptor requires substantially more work than exiting from the well cap.

If you do wish to go that route, the piping from the Simple Pump pitless is always tied into the pressure discharge piping from the submersible at or very close to the well head.  A separate line from the well casing to the house for the Simple Pump pressure discharge is not necessary.

To avoid digging, many customers buy the check valve and gauge that allows them to hook a drinking water compatible hose from the Simple Pump discharge nipple to a yard hydrant, or spigot on the outside wall of the house, or to the drain in the area of the pressure tank. No digging, but still affords power outage back-up. You simply need to detach the hose from the pump outlet each time you fill your tank, so air can get in and allow the water in the pump to descend below freezing level, by exiting through the weep hole at 48”.

“Can the Simple Pump work through my existing pipes and pitless adaptor?”

The pipe from the submersible is just that – a pipe.  The submersible pushes water up.  When it reaches the pitless, it does a right-angle bend, goes out through the side of the casing and runs underground to your house. The pitless is, essentially, just a joint that redirects the water ninety degrees and fastens securely to the side of the casing.

,The Simple Pump is a completely separate system, alongside your submersible.  We can’t, somehow, use the submersible pipe because our pipe is not JUST a hollow pipe – it contains a series of rods that connect the lever arm, at the top to the pump piston and cylinder, at the bottom.

So, there needs to be some way to get the water in the Simple Pump drop pipe out through the side of the casing. That way is our specially engineered pitless which allows pumping from the top while diverting the water sideways (see photo on right).

Once it is taken sideways outside the well casing, the pipe can then easily be joined up, with a T junction, with the pipe coming from the submersible, so one pipe continues underground to your house. Each branch of the T has a one-way check valve, so the operating pump doesn’t pump water DOWN the other branch to the other pump.

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