Can the Simple Pump Pump into my Pressure Tank?


Some of the emails and phone calls we receive show us that some people don’t even think hand-pumping into pressure is possible, or that it is far too much effort to be done by the average person.

As one person writing put it, “If what we can do is use the pump to fill a bucket we’ll be satisfied.”

You don’t have to settle for that, at all!

With our hand pump, you can, quite easily (and inexpensively), pump into indoor household plumbing, an irrigation system or a pressurized reserve tank. (And, of course, our motorized pump does it easily, too.)

If you had thought it was difficult or impossible — well, you were absolutely correct — FOR MUST KINDS OF PUMPS. The structure and pumping mechanism of most pumps are quite heavy, and a very substantial effort is needed to pump water from even a moderate depth, never mind then also pumping a pressure tank up to 45 psi!

Simple Pump has the advantages of:

Aerospace quality steel machined to computer-controlled aerospace quality and tolerances. As one person put it, “The parts look like they belong in an Indy car engine.” This precision gives you a highly efficient pump — maximum conversion of your effort into useful work.

Light but very strong components… A Simple Pump works better with less bulk. Less bulk in the pump means you put in markedly less effort to move a given amount of water.

How Easy Is It?

Let’s look at a fairly average system — pumping from a static water level of 100 feet AND into household pressure at 45 psi. Using a Simple Pump, you will exert a total of only 12lbs. This is easy pumping, for most people.

For a deep well: e.g. 200 feet water level. You can hand-pump from this far down AND then pump into a 45 psi household plumbing system with only a moderate 15 lbs of effort.

These required-effort figures are DRAMATICALLY less other hand pumps, most of which can’t pump into pressure at all, and a couple of which can do so only from very shallow wells.

And yes, inexpensive

You only need one extra component to be able to pump into pressure — our pressure gauge with one-way check valve. This prevents the pressure pushing the water back at you on the release half of the stroke and lets you keep an eye on the pressure as you pump.

We invite you – at no obligation – to find out what system we would recommend and how much it would cost.

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