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Simple Pump’s Very Special Handles

24″, 36″ and 36″HD (heavy-duty)


It depends, of course, on your water level. It may also depend on strength, or whether you have children you want to use the pump.

The regular 24″ handle is an excellent choice for many wells, recommended down to 130′ water level (or equivalent). The incredible pumping efficiency (given by many elements of the design plus the CNC-machining) means the Simple Pump is a very low effort pump. A child can pump the water quite easily, even from a fairly deep well.

For water levels further down… the 36-inch handle will allow you pump from as far down as 325 feet static water level. This is far beyond the capabilities of any of our competitors, but still within the capabilities of the average homeowner. One paricular figure — at 200′, one competitor requires 24 lbs of force on the handle, compared to Simple Pump’s 10. That makes A LOT of difference to pumping any appreciable quantity of water. (More info.)

And the handle is extraordinarily durable — top-grade computer machined aluminum with graphite-impregnated bronze bushings at the pivot points. Furthermore (although it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to), these bushings are replaceable. In contrast, if you look at other standard pump handles, you’re probaly going to be looking just at a hole drilled through the metail with a bolt stuck through.


The two handles above are already outstanding. No other pump’s handle matches them, with those unique bushings.

The heavy-duty option goes even further… developed for use by a whole village in developing nations… much thicker metal and roller bearings at the the key points. These roller bearings are also replaceable.

Developed for a village – yes – but some individual pump owners like to go for the heavy-duty option.

The tamper resistance option gives greater security, for example, in a village situation. The easy access option allows simpler detaching and attaching of the handle. This would be used when the homeowner wants to put the pump into the “down periscope” position… making in unobtrusive behind a shrub or under a hollow imitation rock.

Tamper resistant

Easy Access

The beautifully designed and efficient handle is one of the elements that goes to making the Simple Pump an extraordinary hand pump. Further details on the advantages of using a Simple Pump are explained on “Why Simple Pump“.