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Assembly Procedure For Pitless Adapter System page 3

  1. Reinstall the well cover in a position that best aligns the shafting, which will extend through the large port. Do not tighten it to the well casing yet.
  2. Now slide the pump head over the stainless pump rod and into the large port. It may be necessary to move the cover while assembling. The stainless pump rod needs to come through the top of the pump head.
  3. Now secure the cover to the well casing with the four setscrews.
  4. Adjust the height of the pump head until about 4” of shafting is above the pump head. Tighten the clamping flange on the cover.
  5. Attach and tighten the clevis to the left-hand threaded end of the 3/4″ stainless pump rod.
  6. Assemble the lever using the linkage and pivot pins provided.
  7. You should be ready to pump water. It will require about 1 stroke for each foot of depth to bring the water up the first time. After that, it should deliver water within a few strokes, as long as there are no leaks. It is recommended that you leave the outside of the pitless adapter disconnected until you confirm that you have water flow.


If the rider portion of the pitless lifts out of the saddle portion of the pitless the problem may be one of the following:

  1. The relationship of the drop pipe length to sucker rod length is not correct and the piston is topping out in the pump cylinder at the bottom causing a lift action. 4” of rod protrusion is desired. If this is not the case, a 4.75″ mini sucker rod may be required.  Please contact us.
  2. The Simple Pump port is not positioned over the pitless causing a binding. Rotate the well cap so the Simple Pump port is aligned above the pitless.
  3. The static water level is rather high resulting in minimal weight of water. The system is new and seal contact with pump cylinder and seal contact with the stainless rod at the pitless is greater than the weight of the system thus causing a lift action. Install a 1″ diameter PVC schedule 40 or 80 spacer pipe between the top of the pitless and bottom of the riser tube. The 1⁄2-20×72 stainless all thread will run inside of this 1″ diameter spacer. The length of this 1″ diameter spacer pipe will prevent the rider portion of the pitless from lifting out of the saddle portion.
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