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Assembly Procedure For Pitless Adapter System page 2

  1. Install the receptacle portion of the pitless adapter in the well casing wall and the desired depth using the instructions provided with the adapter.
  2. Using the instructions provided with your pump, perform the installation of your well cover provided. Using the safety tool provided, install the submersed pump, lift rods and standard 9-foot drop pipes that will be used. When completed with this step, the last drop pipe will be suspended from the well cover by the safety tool. The sucker rod should be protruding out of the female bell end approximately 4”. If this is not the case, a 4.75″ mini sucker rod may be required.  Please contact us.
  3. Measure the distance from the top of the well casing to the center of the pitless adapter. Using a hacksaw, cut the ½” threaded rod 6” shorter than the dimension measured. For example, if the pitless adapter is installed 60” below the top of the well casing, cut the rod to a length of 54”.
  4. Using the 5/8″ diameter stainless rod from the pitless adapter, screw it to the top sucker rod and tighten.
  5. Now install the 17” long special PVC top pipe. Teflon tape the top threads into the pitless fitting.
  6. The next few steps will be performed with the safety tool and well cover removed. This is a two- or three-person job. Begin by lifting the well cover with the pipe string and tying a safety rope around the pipe below the cover. Set it back down on the casing for a moment. The rope can be secured with some slack.
  7. Thread the 1/2″ stainless all-thread rod into the 3/4″ stainless pump rod and tighten. Set this assembly nearby along with the remaining half (rider portion) of the pitless adapter.


Our pitless adapter is designed to be installed at a location between 48” and 84” below the top of the well casing…. below the frost line. It is designed to be installed in a 6” or 8” well casing through a 1-3/4” hole in the casing wall.

When that 1-3/4″ hole for the pitless is cut at less than 4 feet from the top of the casing, the SS allthread will bind and the lever arm action will lift the pitless rider from the pitless saddle.

For installations less than 4′ from the casing rim, the PA1-MK should be used to address misalignment and rider lift. The PA1-MK is installed between the 5/8″ SS rod and the 1/2-20 SS allthread, just above the Simple Pump modified Merrill 50 pitless adaptor.

  1. With the safety rope secured, lift the pipe string and well cover. While holding the pipe from underneath, remove the well cover and set aside. Now slide the pitless adapter over the 5//8″ chromed rod with the white nylon rod gland pointing up. Immediately screw the end of the 1/2″ threaded rod to the 5/8″ shaft and tighten.
  2. Now the pipe string can be lowered with both the safety rope and by holding the top stainless pump rod (one man on each), until it engages into the receptacle. The pipe string is now safely supported. The rope can be drooped across the pitless adapter. It can be retrieved later with a hook if necessary. You may also choose to put the rope through one of the auxiliary ports in the well cover.
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