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Installation Instructions for the MOTORIZED Simple Pump System (Scotch Yoke Drive option) page 8

Section 7: Maintenance & Trouble-Shooting


The standalone motor assembly is intended to be used indoors or under similar protection. (Other models with cabinets are for outside use.) Alternatives could be:
– a small roof with open sides
– a small pump “house” that just covers the well head and pump
– a full-sized pump house


As long as the gear motor system is pumping correctly and not causing the motor to overload, no maintenance is required. If the mechanism experiences a bearing failure for any reason, the motor protection fuse will blow. It is extremely important to replace the fuse with only a 25 amp ATO/ATC automotive style fuse (if 12VDC version) or 15 amp ATO/ATC automotive style fuse (if 24VDC version). Using a higher amperage fuse will overheat the motor and damage the gears. The motor normally operates at around 100-110º F.

If the fuse has blown for any reason, remove the cover and the crank arm roller. Lift the yoke up and down, by hand. How freely the yoke moves or does not move is an indication of what the motor is working against. Typical reasons for difficult movement are:


Loosen the (4) attaching screws on the pump head and make sure that the assembly is aligned before re-tightening. Make sure that there is no metal-to-metal contact, except at the rollers.


Check all rollers for free movement.


Remove the gear motor and stroke pump rod by hand. It should require about 40 lbs. of lifting effort for each 100 feet of water level. If the effort is any more than this, remove the pump head and try again to determine if the problem is in the head.

After this routine check, reassemble the system and repeat the start-up procedure.


The driven cam roller is made from hardened steel with a 2000+ lbs rating. The steel yoke is made from CR steel. The contact between the two should be oiled and cleaned with a little WD-40.

Section 8: Warranty

The Motorized Simple Pump System (Scotch Yoke Option) is warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. The motor load must not be exceeded and all routine maintenance recommended in these instructions must be adhered to.

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