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Installation Instructions for the MOTORIZED Simple Pump System (Scotch Yoke Drive option) page 7

Section 6: Initial Operation and Break-In

Once the power has been connected, install the fuse and attach the cover.

The cam roller is shipped to you in the position that is closest to the crank arm’s center of rotation. In this position, the pump will generate about 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) with a 4″ stroke. Run the gear motor for two hours at this setting.

Once the pump has run for 2 hours at the 4″ stroke setting, disconnect the power, open the cover and move the roller to the second position (with a 5″ stroke). Run the pump for 2 hours in this setting.

During the break-in period, leave the pump outlet open or pump through a drinking-water quality hose unrestricted. We recommend a break-in period of at least 4 hours.

CAUTION: At all times, for installation and operation, make sure that nothing is setting or stored on top of the gear motor.

Flow Capacities for Model 125

Max Total Head GPM Pump Stroke
150 feet (86 psi) 2.0 4”
123 feet (53 psi) 2.4 5”

Flow Capacities for Model 100

Max Total Head GPM Pump Stroke
200 feet (86 psi) 1.3 4”
160 feet (69 psi) 1.5 5”
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