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Installation Instructions for the MOTORIZED Simple Pump System (Scotch Yoke Drive option) page 5

Section 4: Installation

Now that you have confirmed that the stainless pump rod protrudes no more than 3-3/4″ above the metal top of the pump head, you are ready to install the MOTORIZED Simple Pump System (SYD option).

Position the yoke above the stainless steel rod so you can screw it onto the rod. Using the channel lock, clamp the rod on its flat surface as you tighten the yoke onto the rod.

Once again, the direction you screw is the opposite of normal — turn counterclockwise to screw on, rather than the normal clockwise.

Attaching the Motorized System

Prior to installing the mechanism, position the yoke at 90 degrees to the water exit — parallel to the flat plane of the pump head with the four holes. The side of the yoke with the flat face should be pointing in the direction of the water exit.

The aluminum piece that is anchored in the middle of the gear motor mechanism, with five holes in it, is the crank arm. Move the gear motor mechanism toward the Scotch Yoke with the crank arm pointed down.

Bring the cam roller (attached to the crank arm) into the cam track part of the yoke (the cam track is the hole in the yoke that is oriented at around 45 degrees), while also positioning the top of the Scotch Yoke (on its grooved side) into the guides at the top of the gear motor mechanism.

The picture shows the cam roller in the middle position. You will find break-in easiest if, prior to installation, you fasten the cam roller in the position that is closest to the center of rotation, using the 3/16″ Allen wrench.

Then, elevate the entire gear mechanism, until the mounting holes are aligned with the 4 screw holes on the back of the pump head (see photo on right).

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