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Pump Lift: Installation and Use continued…

Section 4: Care and Maintenance

Assembling Sucker Rods Again and Again

Each female sucker rod end is dimpled (arrow). The dimple functions as a mechanical disruption of the threads, and therefore mechanical lock. As the male end is screwed in, when the two lift rods are just about completely tightened, shoulder to shoulder, the male threads are disrupted, creating a lock.

The more a Simple Pump has been installed and removed, the more likely this mechanical lock is going to be ineffective. So, on the third time that the Simple Pump is installed, it may be wise to use Loctite non-permanent thread bonder, or a similar compound, before threading the male end into the female. This prevents the unlikely possibility that the lift rods will slowly unscrew over years of use.

125CA (5 GPM cylinder) customers only—Cylinder Bushing

Sometimes it is difficult to bring the pump cylinder up past the split flange, because the outside diameter of the bushing at its top is a bit wide (below).

If you encountered this difficulty, file down the the bushing all around the outside of the bushing, to prevent the problem from happening again.

Cleaning the Belts

If the gripper belts become dirty with slime or algae growth, normal mild cleaners will remove them. Just clean with warm, soapy water. Do not use: acetone, ketone, lacquer thinner, gasoline or other solvents.


Place a light oil on all of the chains and sprockets after every us, and before using when the Lift has been stored for more than a few days. Sprockets are all the structures with externally visible teeth that either move chains or are part of the ratchet and pawl mechanism.

Oil on the underside of the gripper belts and on the drive rollers should be avoided. The drive rollers are what engage the gripper belts.

Section 5: Warranty

Warranty in case of manufacturing defects for the Pump Installation Lift is 2 years from date of purchase.

Wear parts not included under the warranty are the gripper belts, drive roller gripper surface.

The expected life of gripper belts is 4-5 years.

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