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Pump Lift: Installation and Use continued…

Section 3: Un-installing a Pump System

This manual assumes that you are starting with a Simple Pump that is completely installed. We start with a step-by-step explanation of removal rather than installation because the weight of the pump system is usually heavier when removing than when installing.

If the pump has been used recently, the column of water retained in the length of drop pipes will add 30 pounds to the total weight of the pump set for every 100 feet of drop pipe above the static water level. This figure will go down slowly over time (probably months), as the water gradually returns to the static water level.

Remove the pump head

To remove the pump head, first remove the lever arm mechanism.

Using the 3/16″ Allen wrench, remove each of the four fasteners that hold the lever arm mechanism to the pump head.

Unscrew the clevis from the pump rod using your vice grip or channel lock.

Move the lever arm clockwise while keeping the pump rod from rotating. The direction you unscrew is the opposite of normal — turn clockwise to remove, rather than the normal counterclockwise.

You will remove the whole assembly of lever link arm, bracket, and lever arm from the 3/4″ stainless rod.

Using the 1/4″ Allen wrench, loosen the pinch bolt and the 3 mounting bolts on the split flange (left) enough to pull the pump head (including riser tube) up out of the well.
Raise the pump head and riser tube (right). It should be high enough so that the exposed length of riser tube is longer than the length of the gripper belts. Then, tighten the pinch bolt enough to keep the riser tube in place.

Remove the pump head by unscrewing it (below) — rotating it in a counterclockwise motion. You may need to first loosen it with a channel lock.

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