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Installation Procedure for Model ADA100 Rotary Hand Pump

Page 1 (this page) Introduction
Section 1: How We Shipped the ADA100
Page 2 Section 2: Inspecting the Existing System / Removal of Old Pump
Page 3 Section 3: Replacing The Existing Well Cover
Page 4 Section 4: Pump Cylinder, Drop Pipe Installation
Page 5 Section 5: Pump Head Installation
Page 6 Section 6: Pumping Water. Finishing Touches

(The following instructions are very detailed, and should tell you everything you need to know.
If you have questions, please phone 775-265-1220.) 


Thank you for purchasing a Simple Pump. We are extremely proud of the high quality products that we manufacture. We have installed our pumps in a variety of well types and sizes and our instructions are a result of installation experience and input from the USDA-FS-MTDC. Please carefully read through these instructions. Your time will be well spent. At any time, if you think you are overwhelmed, give us a call or get the help of a professional pump installer.

The ADA100 Rotary Hand Pump was developed in concert with the USDA-FS-MTDC in Missoula, Montana. The ADA100 is designed to deliver Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA – chemical-free) drinking water for the physically challenged or anyone who cannot operate a lever arm pump due to the high input force required with old-fashioned, cast iron lever arm pumps.

ADAAG (14.15.4) defines that an accessible hand pump must be able to be operated with a maximum of 5 lbs. of force and the control height must fall between 28”-40”. The axis of rotation of the 6” handle crank must fall 34” above the ground. With the ADA100, the input force required to deliver drinking water in 4-8 ounce increments, from 100 feet, is less than 5 lbs. The access elevation can be adjusted to fall within 28”-40”. The design of the pump drive system is intended to be robust allowing for long-term useful life in the outdoors.

We will be referring to parts by their part number and name. Use the attached parts list to identify parts as you read through these instructions.

Assembly Parts List

  1. P1 Pump Cylinder Assembly (SIM040, SIM044, SIM047, SIM043-1, SIM043)
  2. P2 Pump Head (installed in cabinet, SIMA01)
  3. P3 Top Pump Rod (SIM020)
  4. P9 Well Cover (SIMA10–6” or SIM0A14-8”)
  5. P10 Taper Flange (SIMA11)
  6. P11 Safety Tool
  7. D1 Standard Drop Pipe
  8. D2 Sucker Rod with male and female fused ends
  9. D3 Sucker Rod Guide
  10. D5 Top Drop Pipe

Required Tools and Supplies:

  1. 3” pocket mirror
  2. One set of Allen wrenches
  3. Cutting torch or reciprocating saw (Sawzall)
  4. Safety tool (P11)
  5. Flat file or hand grinder
  6. Teflon tape
  7. One pair of channel locks
  8. Bleach solution-50% bleach / 50% water
  9. Two pair of vise grips
  10. Crescent wrench
  11. One pipe wrench
  12. Hacksaw & PVC cement (may be required)

Section 1: How We Shipped the ADA100

The ADA100 was shipped to you in two containers. The first is a spiral-wound paper tube measuring 108” in length X 7” in diameter, weighing up to 52lbs, containing the 9’ drop pipe kits. The weight will vary depending on the number of drop pipe kits. The ends of this tube have been taped and stretch-wrapped to survive the rigors of shipping. The second box is a corrugated shipper measuring 36” X 16” X 12”, weighing approximately 90lbs. This box contains the pump cylinder, piston, piston rod, well cap, taper flange, PVC adapter and rotary pump drive system.

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