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Initial Cost or Total Cost of Ownership?

Comparing Simple Pump to Other Pumps

Simple Pump compares VERY favorably to other US-made well pumps — in price, materials, and reliability. But India Mark II/III/VLOM and AFRIDEV hand water pumps are ubiquitous in the developing world. Some NGOs have dismissed the Simple Pump as an alternative. They regard it as “too expensive”, by which they mean that they consider the initial cost of acquisition too high.

But Is The Initial Cost The Only Thing That Matters?

We would respectfully suggest that many other factors are critical. And, in fact, the “initial cost” approach is not at all the best for well-managed entities to use when they procure equipment.
The following total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison of Simple Pump to the Mark II/III/VLOM pumps outlines additional these critical factors to consider.

Water in Developing Nations – and The Real Costs of Well Pumps.
Each Page in this section is standalone, but they do form an integrated logic.

The Problem
Changing Basic Concepts
SP v Competitors: Intro
True Dollar Costs
Reliability as Purchase Factor
Added Risk
In Summary
Reliable Water or Local Manufacturing – Which?
Install on Existing Pump Pedestal

The following pages explain these major areas:

  • True dollar costs
  • Reliability – and the cost of unreliability
  • The risk of iron leaching from cheap pumps
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