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#2: Solar Powered, Panel Direct Motor System


For homes in sunnier climates and applications where water is not needed at any particular time, e.g. for animals.

Solar panels of the panel-direct solar pump system.

Simple Pump panel-direct solar pump system.


  • Gasketed, lockable, SS enclosure with 1/4HP 24VDC gearmotor and (2) MC4 bulkhead connectors, weather-resistant rocker switch
  • Linear Current Booster
  • (2) MC4 branch connectors
  • Terminal block
  • 36CFM ventilation fan
  • (2) fuse holders with 15amp ATO/ATC pronged, auto style fuses
  • (2) 15′ solar cables with MC4 connectors
  • Three thin-film (Stion) nominal 80VDC, 150 watt, solar panels
  • Pole mount for solar panels

$3200 (For everything above. Price is additional to the base hand pump.)


  • Sacrete, for mounting pole
  • Float (or other) Switch, if applicable.

OR OPTION 2: If you want to supply solar panels and mounting hardware: $2000.
(Price is additional to the base hand pump.)



The big difference in this system is our custom-made Linear Current Booster, specifically engineered to our Simple Pump specifications.
It incorporates MPPT, (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to get every bit of power the solar modules can give.

Built-in, high energy, Military Grade, capacitors provide faster / easier motor starting, providing the motor with a full 30amps at startup.
There is a time delay built in. After a start-up attempt the booster shuts off all power to the motor, reloads the capacitor, and, after about three minutes, tries again to start the motor.

This process will start daily as soon as enough solar energy hits the modules and they go active. Once the run window can no longer be met towards the end of the day the system shuts down for the night and restarts with the morning sun.
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