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Standalone Motor Unit: Outdoors Configuration


When you want to separately purchase all the power generation and electronics… and you DO NOT have shelter for the motor… a LBLD24-1WR weather resistant option outfitted with a SS enclosure. (Shown with door open.) You can set up with batteries or as panel-direct, as you prefer.


  • Gasketed, lockable, stainless enclosure with 1/4HP 24VDC gearmotor and weather-resistant rocker switch
  • Cole-Hersey relay
  • Terminal block
  • 36CFM ventilation fan
  • (1) fuse holder with 15amp ATO/ATC pronged, auto style fuse

The breadboard has the holes drilled for the PS30M Morningstar charge controller, the Intermatic timer.

$1300  (For unit described above. Price is additional to the base hand pump.)


  • One or two polysilicone or micro crystalline PV modules (S-Energy) @ 260 watts each, 24VDC
  • 3″x 9′ or 4″x12′ galvanized steel mounting pole or roof-mount hardware
  • Sacrete, if using a pole mount
  • (2) group 27 or (2) group 31 deep cycle lead acid or AGM batteries
  • Any power and power-control hardware, e.g. Morningstar PS30 charge controller, Intermatic FM1QTUZH-24 timer.