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No other solar powered water pump has this feature

If youre offgrid, how do you create a water delivery system thats effective and efficient? SimplePUMP’s Solar Pump makes off grid water easy and reliable.

While SimplePUMP makes pumping by hand FAR easier than our competitors do, not everyone wants to do that chore. Especially with all the other work that needs to get done around the place. Its like washing the dishes by hand, vs having a dishwasher. Some folks dont mind hand washing and hand pumping. Keeps them honest. But one can tire of it, or get too busy. SimplePUMP’s Solar Pump is a great solution for offgrid folks to get their water without hand pumping.

SimplePUMP’s Off Grid Customers Love Their Solar Pumps

One of our off grid customers recently wrote to tell us how his family ensures their offgrid water supply in the simplest and most elegant way. Phil Murphy of Texas said, “My solar powered battery system powers the SimplePUMP to fill a 1,000 gallon tank. When the tank float drops to a certain level and switches the pump on, it fills the tank and then the float shuts the pump off

Phil put a water meter on the discharge of the SimplePUMP to monitor the water being used in their home and garden. In about a year and a half theSimplePUMP has delivered 237,916.13 gallons to my 1,000 gallon storage tank for our use.”

SimplePUMP Solar Pump uses a small solar panel to charge 2 batteries powering the SimplePUMP motor. The system is very economical. With the low-draw motor, only a modest solar panel is required. If one tried to power their regular submersible with a solar panel, the cost would be prohibitive in comparison.

The SimplePUMP system is highly reliable for years of worryfree water. If a disaster such as a wind or ice storm takes out the solar panel, the SimplePUMP handle can quickly and easily be installed for hand pumpingNo other solarpowered water pump has this feature.

The SimplePUMP has been very reliable. It is still pumping three gallons per minute to fill the tank,” says Phil. “I would recommend the SimplePUMP to anyone who could use the pump for their needs.”

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