Kenneth in Ohio tells us just how easy SimplePUMP is to install — even at 74 plus.

‘The feeling of security the SimplePUMP brings is priceless. I would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a good pump for their well.’

SimplePUMP—Easy to Install, Easy to Use

In 2013 we decided to get a backup for our electric pump should either the electricity supply or the pump itself fail. I needed a pump that would fit my 168 feet deep, 6” well casing, to be used in conjunction with my current submersible pump. The SimplePUMP appeared to be just what I was looking for.

I decided to err on the side of safety and asked my son-in-law to help install the last two sections of SimplePUMP pipe, as I didn’t want to risk dropping them down the well casing. But I really didn’t need to. The installation went so easily that one person can complete the job.

The installation instructions were clear, and the installation itself, was a breeze. After installation was complete, it took several pumps to get water from the well. From that time forward, it has never taken more than 5–7 pumps to obtain water, no matter the weather or temperature.

Our electrical, submersible, pump had to be replaced last year. I pulled the SimplePUMP out prior to pulling the submersible. I then installed a new submersible and re-installed the Simple Pump. My second installation at 74, I was an old hand at this and didn’t have any trouble.

The SimplePUMP has served my family for over four years now and we are really pleased with it. I use it to draw water for plantings around our house and we’ve used it numerous times during power outages.

Just Another Reason Why SimplePUMP is Simply BETTER!

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